till your tears dried....literally

Cried at night until your tears dried, literally?

mostly missing people i have lost, how its hard for me to reach out to the closest people, i just feel there is a huge barrier separates Me from them, i should have gotten used to being lonely but its getting worse as i speak


i know i should be grateful for the job as a English teacher for kids, they adore me and always come to hug me and say how much they love me


for the good friends i have now since i became a teacher


things get lonely when i am home , with my own flesh and blood

i never felt like i belong to them, they even said it in my face that i was born into the wrong family

they don't take me seriously

unlike when i am at school, i never felt such confidence and being treated like a person whom they can count on

at school , i am heard , loved and trusted

it makes me wonder why i cant be heard by the closest people in the world

i love my family, and i only wish they can accept me as one of them


lonesomedove80 lonesomedove80
31-35, F
Mar 28, 2009