Aspca Killed My Dog

my 1 1/2 year old blue healer got out and we went to the pound .they said they havent recived a dog at my profile .so two days later we went back and they said that he was brought in but they didnt have any room so they put him down 4 hours after his arrival ......keep in mind he had his collar on. my thoughts are simple >open your house to love and be loved it doest take much and its not ok to kill living things unless u plan to eat it >most of all if you found a car on the side of the road does it make it ok if you were to set fire to it? let me anser that for you! "NO " AND YOU WILL GET JAIL TIME SO THATS WHY WHOMEVER KILLED MY DOG WILL REGRET THE DAY HE TOUCHED MY WELDER!!!!!

welder09 welder09
Aug 23, 2009