I Cry In Happy Movies Too.

I never used to cry in movies, but since I became a father I cry a lot more easily. I even cry during friggin commercials. I'm like Robert De Niro in Analyze This - crying at the AT&T commercial. Seriously. I'm not making this up.

And if it's something to do with a kid - I'm a gonner!

I've gotten really good at hiding it though. My wife hasn't caught me out yet. But she's a real bawler too so she usually doesn't notice because she's too busy howling at the same thing. haha.
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OMG Meee Tooo!!!! It's usually puppies or some father /daughter thing commercials especially I'll laugh and then burst out in tears it's the most ridiculous thing ever but I can't believe all y'all do it too!! OMG I just finished watching Doctor Who again and was crying like a baby *sniff* it's a good thing!

good to know i am not alone i am a big movie crier and not ashamed of it

haha. It's flipping ridiculous. Some of those movies just know EXACTLY what to do to turn the water works on. A cute kid, some sad music... dammit I need a kleenex! <br />
<br />
I usually lie on the couch with my head turned to one side and my arms folded behind my head. So then if I start snivelling I can pull my arms up and wipe my eyes on my sleeves without anyone suspecting anything. <br />
<br />
Luckily my eyes and nose don't go red otherwise that would be a dead giveaway. haha!

hahaha....u ought to be the sweetest couple!

OH MY GOD ME TOO!!<br />
exact same thing-- i used to pride myself on being a total hardass, i wouldn't even cry when someone died in a movie. and it all changed with kids--now, i seriously cry at the hallmark or kodak commercials--just like you said, especially anything with a kid in it, i'm a goner. then i get really pissed because i'm supposed to be a hardass and i have no control over it. i can even be telling some random story that includes a mother and daughter, not even about me, but just mentioning mother and daughter will make me tear up. that was so weird to read your story , it was like i wrote it. i thought i was just a psycho, which still may be a possibility, but i think it's safe to say having those little turds touches something deep inside us.