Tear Jerkers...

movies that gets my tears to flowing are:
Jason's Lyric
Pretty Woman
Carlito's way
Bastard out of carolina
Antoine Fisher
welcome2myworld welcome2myworld 41-45, F 2 Responses Jun 9, 2012

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i just watched "antoine fisher" and balled my eyes out. so here's another movie to add to the list.

I have cried during movies too and like it when I do.

I like to get emotional sometimes.

It makes me feel more alive and more human you know

I remember I cried when I saw the Elephant man.

the poor guy was abused and mocked and laughed at

and treated like an animal and I cried when I saw that as

a child. He had a really rough life.

especially for back then because i think people were more

socially cruel back then.

you're right gman- that was a sad one too. and unfortunately people are still just as shallow and cruel :(