War Movies Make Me Cry.

I've found the most powerful effect for me comes from war movies. "Battle Los Angeles" is not a cinematic masterpiece but I cried like a little girl when the civilian boy's father dies after taking up a fallen marine's gun to hold back the advancing aliens. "Independence Day" when Randy Quaid makes a kamakazi attack on an alien mothership to save the people on the ground. I think it's the sacrifice for the greater good that makes the difference for me.

On the other side you have the more tragic movies like "When the Wind Blows" where innocent people suffer and die because of forces they can't comprehend. "Grave of the Fireflies" is a good example of this sort of film and it's made all that much more tragic when you realize it's a true story written by the main character...Look it up it's a damn good film and book.
Braunham Braunham
41-45, M
Aug 8, 2012