Movie Sap

I knew from an early age that I was a sap for sad movies so I avoided them in front of company and actually as an adult I still do. I enjoy to cry alone because some movies make you cry ugly, snot, tears, loud sobs...all in my opinion need to be displayed in a solo setting, with a box of tissue and comfort food.

There's a few that are guaranteed to make me cry. A Imitation of Life is one, Charlotte's Web another. In Imitation of Life, there are a few scenes that are heart breaking but the ending scene gets me every time. When Charlotte dies in Charlotte's Web I ball like a 2 day old baby. My heart hurts for Wilbur as he looses his closest friend and when he realizes she left behind babies, I sob even more.

There is nothing like a movie that makes you feel a range of emotions and crying being the main one. For me that is the ultimate connection with a movie.
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Dec 8, 2012