It's a friggin' cartoon, you twit!

I used to pick on my oldest sister when we were kids for this. Always and forever teasing her for inablilty to control herself over some dumb old movie. I used to call her..."The leaker"...(mental note to self to remind her of this memory...she'll be thrilled, I'm sure)
The last time I picked on her for this, was when we were both young parents, and had taken our kids to see the movie, "The Little Mermaid" know, a Disney movie.  A happy, feel good cartoon, that is SUPPOSED to make you smile by the time it's through.  But there's my sister...bawling like a baby at the end....and then there's me, rolling my eyes and shaking my head.  I just didn't get how she be such a baby...over a CARTOON!! 
So fast forward a few years...and I'm home alone and going through the movie drawer...and I run across a copy of Lilo and Stitch. I had never seen this movie I had bought for the kids a few years I decided to watch it.  OMG!!  Have you seen this thing?!?!  The tables had turned...and I was the one bawling over a silly cartoon movie!!  I'm such a SAP!!  I MAY have to apologize to my sister now....but not unless she happens to read this.  I have a reputation to uphold, you know!

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Don't feel bad. I'm 48 and Frosty The Snowman still makes me cry. The part where he melts, I cry. So, I can totally relate to the cartoon thing along with movies, lol.

I think that is absolutely pathetic! Bambi, Lassie, Watership Down etc, you name it, I've cried over it! Welcome to my world!

It's very damp in this world! :O But now...omg! I cry all the time during movies, and even if I've already seen it too! Can't watch "P.S. I love you" without a box of tissues in my lap...and I've watched it countless times...trying so hard to get through it...just once damnit!! I'll probably pull it out right now and try again!!

It's so damp I think I'm going mouldy!

( blows nose, sniff, sniff ) it happens all the time to me.... " Lassie, come home!"

I just NEVER thought it would happen over something like Lilo and Stitch though! lol