My Saddest Movie

I have to admit I cry during sad movies
And I'll cry every time I see that movie
I cried when I saw Beaches ......... and I cried 
when I read the book
When Maximum in Gladiator finally goes home
to be with his wife and and son - I'm finished
I always cry

But there is THIS ONE MOVIE that makes me cry 
I mean not just a few tears; I sob
New Moon - The part where
Edward leaves Bella
Every emotion she feels I feel as if it was my own;
her pain the depression 

Luckily I am a girl and crying;
Well it is one of our biggest emotions and crying during
sad movies; just makes us more human.
Jay04Sch Jay04Sch
41-45, F
2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Most I ever cried was during "What Dreams May Come" I was a mess.

beautiful heart breaking

omg im not allowed to watch Beaches. Lol i can cry for an hour when i watch it.

And that song Wind Beneath My Wings omg Im finished I always cry.