A Fish's Tears

It sounds ridiculous, I know, but I cried while watching Finding Nemo... OK, you can stop laughing now.

Some personal background may help you understand. I am a single Dad and, at the time of the movie's release, I was new at the job. My son's mother had not been eaten by a barracuda -she would have turned and flashed her fangs at him, and the barracuda would have fled in fear- but she had left us, and I was extremely worried that she would get legal custody of our son, and take him away from me.

So you can see the similarities... single father... son who means everything to him goes missing... Dad swims halfway around the world, dodging danger, looking for his son... never giving up... motivated by parental love... overcoming every obstacle... You get the picture.

(Sniffs, wipes nose and eyes)

I am such a sucker for stories about Dads and kids. They get me every time. Does anyone have a Kleenex handy?


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Hahaha! You're right, clarkee! I am just a big soft bag of tears! Sometimes I cry from happiness, too!

well i owe you an apology. am sorry but it was a different story my important comment was on.<br />
<br />
dex you cry at everything but this one is understandable.

I promise you, clarkee, I have never once deleted a comment left by a reader. If someone takes the time to leave a comment -even if it's derogatory- I take it as a compliment. Thank you for reading this again, and leaving another comment. X

im sure that this is the first story i read and i distinctly remember leaving a comet. im giving you the benefit of the doubt but once i finish reading your stories and i havent found it .....

No way, Clarkee! I would never do that.

did you delete me from here dexter clown.

Oh, how sweet! Never be embarrassed for having a loving heart. It's guys like my ex, who have no heart or soul, who should be ashamed of themselves.

Of course you cried during Nemo. No one makes better films about love, life, and the human condition, than those people at Pixar. They started it all when our hearts broke for the little cowboy doll, being replaced by a newer toy.

Awww... what a softy you are! We marshmallow centres understand eachother, don't we polly? But Chitty Chitty Bang Bang... ? What brought you to tears in that one? **** Van Dyke's acting?

Thank You, polly, for validating my tears -and my fears. You're right of course, we parents would be so lost without our kids. They are what defines us as people now; some sudden growing up, out of our selfishness, happened when our kids arrived, and we would feel like we were nothing without them. <br />
<br />
I get a bit embarassed about crying, I guess, but I actually *love* the intensity of emotion I feel before I cry. I think they are kind of "happy tears".<br />
<br />
(((Big hugs)))

You're right, roj, you have to take the yin with the yang. I am lucky in that James is an intelligent young man -and I use the phrase advisedly, as he has always been much older than his years- and sensitive, too. We are slowly working through the independence issues, and I am trying to show him that with independence comes responsibility. Let's just say he has some distance still to cover on that score. Thank You for your good wishes.

Just read your story - 4 to 14 - there must have been high points. ha ha and the odd low point too (have similar age boys and regularly experience both). Hope those last 4 years of semi-dependence are smooth.

(Blows nose) Thank You, Amy! You are a good friend. Sometimes a song will bring a lump to my throat, but I can usually manage to hold back the tears.

*gives kleenex*i cry all time with movies and songs ..

Heehee! No turtles that I recall, roj... though I did meet a few sharks here and there, and some other strange life-forms. There have been many, many high points to my single parenthood, not the least being gaining legal custody of my son.

Does that mean you found yourselves in the Eastern Australian Current with a bunch of very cool giant turtles?? There must have been high points too ;-)