Don't Know Why I Cry Easily ....can Some Tell Me Why?

i remember i was laughing and then my sister said the "N" word and i started crying because she said it i guess. and a year before that i was at my sister's apartment and i used her roommates bathroom ...i picked up everything at least that's what i  thought and her roommate called her while we were at the movies and was pissed because i didn't up the mess. and after we got in the car sister started to laughed because i was upset....i started to cry and i kept crying till 12 at night so 4 hours straight because i didn't pick up the mess and her roommate was mad. and someone was mocking me....and i was soo close to crying....and i was at school!!! i don't like being dad mocked me when i was crying. i don't know why i cry easily....i will start laughing the hysterically cry
meris24 meris24
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2011