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I Feel Like There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Me.

Ever since i can remember I have always cried. It was always the worst in school. As early as 1st grade. if i was sitting in class, and i didn't understand what i was supposed to be doing i would cry. if i didn't understand the problem I'd cry. the teachers would get frustrated with it, I'd get more frustrated and I'd cry harder. i soon became known as "the girl who cries" "baby Jamie" "cry baby" and so on. My parents knew about my problem but they just said that I'm sensitive or emotional. i always felt like something just wasn't right.

I am now 24 and still a cry-er. I hate it! I cry went i am on the phone with a provider of some kind, cable company, insurance provider etc, and if something is not going correctly or i don't understand or if i feel like I'm asking a dumb question or just being stressed out from having to call them in the first place.... I feel my throat tighten, nose tingle, eyes burn... and its start right on cue. and then i feel like a moron.

I cry when I'm frustrated, mad, arguing with someone, asking a question, stressed, feel overwhelmed. i cry when someone does something good for me and i feel like i don't deserve it. basically the only time i don't cry is when i see an emotional movie or something that would make most people cry.

I am not depressed. yeah the world sucks right now because of gas prices and prices on everything is ridiculously high. but everyone is stressed out about that.  i am not a sad person. I am engaged to be married and very happy with my husband to be and i don't feel like i have it any harder for anyone else doing the same things in my age group. i just really feel like there is something wrong with the crying button in my brain and i wish it would stop being pressed.

So it's pretty much frustration and the feeling of being overwhelmed is what makes my cry. and is hard to avoid. I can't just not make thought phone calls i need to make to get somethings done. i can't lock myself up to avoid situations. I just with i was normal and didn't cry easily. i just can't control it. I've tried. "oh just take a deep breath and count to 10" easier said than done when your on the phone with some stranger and they're thinking your an idiot.

I've tried talking to a psychologist too. and school counselors. they both do the same thing... stare at me, nod, smile, and say "there is nothing wrong with you your just sensitive."  I AM SO TIRED OF HEARING THAT!

not really sure what i will get out of this, just kinda glad to be able to vent. any advise would help. sorry this went on so long but if you cry like i do you'll understand. would be nice to know if someone else out there goes trough this too. well...... thanks.

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I go through the same exact thing and I want tol ow why this happens to me also. I hate it.

I can totally relate to the "crying for no good reason" thing. Even as a young child, I would wave to my dad when he would leave the house and just cry - I guess worrying about if something would happen to him or just because he was always so sweet to me. Both my parents cared so much for me and this always made me cry - why would something good like this make you cry, I don't know, lol. My problem is, I am very good at hiding it bcs I am embarrassed. I don't know what to say to ask for help when I'm crying and someone says, what's wrong? I feel so silly, I'd just much rather hide so no one has to see me and ask. But I know that's not healthy - what does anyone else say when they're embarrassed for crying but know they should reach out to family/friends?

It's really good to know that there are others, I legitimately thought I was alone (phew). I've always, always be sensitive but not like this. It started this year in school because of pressure and then it turned into me just randomly crying if anyone so much as turned their head at me but I've learned how to hide it quite well but it's not enough like I would sit in math class and not understand a question and out of nowhere start crying! The same in English I would be asked to read out an essay because it was good and I'd start reading and end in tears. I can't stop it, that and my anxiety is just awful..I have no clue how to stop it! 😓

Everything will be okay,I cry when things don't go my way also. I've dealt with it for years and years and started to "study" myself.I came to a conclusion that when I cried for that reason I felt like I wasn't in control of things, I felt lost so my brain panics. I tell myself constantly that I'm okay but the tears keep coming. There's also times when I just know a situation will make me cry so when it does happen its 10 times worse which I'm blaming on stress. And I really suck at talking about it because talking about myself makes me CRY so it's a vicious cycle of confusion, stress, and fear. One time I called an animal shelter to ask them to take a picture of a pitbull I could no longer have (I didn't like this dog at all) after the phone call I started to panic at the idea of people coming to my house and talking to me so I cried like a baby then I got upset because I was crying for a lame reason and that made me cry worse it lasted for about 2 hours. And ignored their calls because I was so afraid of talking to them I don't know why!I WANT to speak out I love talking to people I love company but I always afraid I will say something WRONG or I will come off as awkward which is why I isolate myself.I CANNOT speak when I am upset I just can't, I'm a "woman of few words" i have been told that. If only they knew what I was saying in my head. All the incouragment I give others all the pride I have for them how I want to be their friend how I am struggling to reach out
I am a LEADER I do know I can lead but this.. This problem ! Where people think I'm "SHY" "MEAN" "RUDE" "DIFFERENT" Makes it impossible to break my shell I have been kicking and hitting since day one

Wow, same here.
I'm 19 and thinking about becoming a teacher, now I fear that I will cry over the smallest things.

Once, I got asked a question in an interview like "who is your role model" and seriously I just start crying. I said it's my mother. It's not like shes dead or sick, I guess my emotions just took control. I didn't want to cry! My voice was so shaky and I couldn't speak. It's really annoying. :/
Today, my eyes were roaming around the subway car and my eyes kept landing on this baby and his mother. I think the baby is cute so I smile at the mother but the mother just cusses at me calling me a nosey b-tch! (I really wasn't being creepy, the baby just kept catching my attention.)
My body felt weak when I heard those words being directed to me but luckily it was my stop so I ran out and I was fine for the most part, but I tried talking about it to my mother when I got home and I started crying. I really hate talking to my mother and say through my shaky voice "I don't know why I'm crying, I don't want to cry right now."

Omg everything u said describes me I hate crying all the time it makes everyone see me as weak but I'm not I'm in the 9th grade and I'm trying to get rid of this I can't even have a simple discussion without my eyes getting watery and my nose getting red ugh I just hate it. I even cry when I'm just talking to myself in my head and make the matter worse then cry and everyone seems to be weirded out by me and they just don't understand

I FOUND MY PEOPLE! I actually thought I was alone on this one. I cry a LOT over " silly things", and I was never able to figure out why! Like, I was in English class once, and i was stressed ( I can't think of ideas well and the deadline for a narrative was very close), next thing I know I'm crying my eyes out; My best friend was like " what's wrong?!?!?!" And I couldn't respond even if I had an ok excuse because I was too busy crying!

The worst though is trying to STOP crying before it happens.... I can hold it for 3minutes if I'm lucky, even then my voice is shaky and I can't ask to leave or say much. I don't know if it's a panic/ anxiety disorder or what; but I know exactly how you feel, and it SUCKS!!!

I feel like replying to all these posts cos I can’t believe how much I’m relating to all the different stories. @NerdyAngie146 made me think of this one thing I used to do as a child. I would go to the balcony and wave goodbye(aggresively if necessary) to my parents when they’re about to go to work whilst feeling teary because I felt like something will happen to them or I will never see them again. Like they will get into a car crash or something. Was I feeling overly-guilty for something I did? It was a really weird thing. And if they don’t wave back, I would cry. This leads me to another story. When I was even little-er, I was really resistant to going to pre-school. I think I was really sad all the time and couldn’t stop thinking about my mom and the strange environment because my mom told me that I even vomitted once or twice. Lol I think that wasn’t very helpful. Welp, at least I can share my stories. Also, I would like to wish the best to the people that’s stressing out and just feeling like serious **** because of this, I hope you get better! The one thing I’m sure of is that stress and depression makes it worse. We’re the kind of people that have to do our best to avoid those things. Before when I was depressed, I did fine with class presentations. I hope that helps! And I reeeeaaally appreciate the solutions that you guys are sharing :)

I know exactly how you fill . im a freshmen in high school but I only cry when my mom yells at me and I have to go to the princibles also I get really dizzy and I dont know why its reallu confusing and annoying

I feel like I cry a river a day. I just turned 17, a week ago, and I've always been a cry-er. Most of my baby pictures and child hood picture I'm crying in. Everyone thought it was normal or okay when I was little by now my parents think I'm nuts. And I think everything that say is directed toward me negatively. My mom as asked me if I'm depressed and need to see a thrapist, she's asked I I think I'm bipolar, because I have break downs randomly and just cry for hours and hours apon end. I'm crying while I type this because I'm happy that I'm not alone but I'm also crying because I'm sorry that other people have to go what I go through everyday. In my house I feel unwelcome but I'm not sure if I have a reason. My parentsake fun of me for crying too much and they think I'm annoying and do it for attention. They don't realize that if I could stop myself from cry and from feeling the way I feel, I would. The cryin causes me to hurt and I can't breathe. My mom tells me I need I to control it but its impossible for me to stop it from happening, I often cry for up o six hours non stop, it's not everyday, but is like twice a week, everything that happens that week causes me to break down and yell and cry and when someone tells at me I cry even harder. My emotions are causein my family horrible grief. I need help, please. I'm scared I will harm myself wothout the help.

I cry at the most unnecessary situations, but at things like funerLs i dont feel a thing. The worst part is, once i start it only gets worse to the point where i forget why im crying while feeling even worse. And then i start having weird thoughts like , "i wish i didnt exist. Then i wouldnt have to feel this way and my parents wouldnt be burdened. I mean, my existence has never mattered because no one would be affected even if i wasnt there" i dont mean that i want death. I just dont want to be me anymore. Its more like im tempted by the idea of disappearing but then no one would have to be hurt by missing me because i was never there. And i also feel extremely stabby at that point towards the person who made me cry, but deep down i dont want to hurt them so i dig my palms into a blunt object and envision tearing pottery (anything heavy and breakable that isnt living) with my bare hands. Anyway,when i stop eventually i forget about all this so im writing this while the memory's fresh.

*because then. Sorry i had to type quickly while i still remember everthing

I know why too well how you feel and I feel like I am very alone and that I am a burden on everyone around me. When I walk in a room or someone is on the phone with someone else I feel like they are talking bad about me. It hurts and very scary to have these feelings and it's embarrassing to be 33 years old and all people do is call you a cry baby. I feel like no one understands. I have a hard time holding jobs and communicating with anyone including my own family because I'm so scared of what the out come will be, I feel scared to cry in front of my own mom because she even looks at me like I'm an annoying cry baby who just wants attention. I just want someone to see what I see and feel what I feel. It's hard to live a normal life like this, I wish I could just wake up one day and just be normal.

I know what you mean, expect you live in a society where people are willing to help and understand that people have these crying issues whereas I live with people who just make it worse by reminding about how much I cry not considering I may have a serious anxiety problem but hey what do I know I'm just black kid in Africa, both white and black people are convinced no black person can be sick in that nature.

I'm turning 20 in a few days and I've had this problem ever since I could remember.... I use to cry at everything as a child but what kid hasn't? When I was in middle school I started crying over not being able to answer math problems and if I got in trouble I'd cry right when I sat down on the chair in front of them.. Now I cry when I talk about myself and my dreams and how my life is... I can't talk to my mom or dad or sister without crying, I get headaches for crying so much I cry when I'm yelling at someone or upset and my problem doesn't help the fact that I have so many other problems I'm shy I have social anxiety I'm depressed and always stressed I have a headache everyday now I have a rare stomach problem.... And I can't even call people on the phone to talk to them about stuff like doctors to get appointments.. My heart starts racing my eyes are about to explode and when I get off the phone I just start crying and I don't know how to fix my crying problem... I'm told that I just cry for attention or something like that from my parents but why would I cry for no reason? I hope someone finds the answer and can help us all that have this.

I cry all the time. I can't even have a conversation with my boss without bawling my eyes out. I cry over the dumbest stuff like breaking a glass. If I have to talk to any kind of authority figure I get so nervous that I just cry. And of course my family makes fun of me, saying I'm just emotional and what not. But it's more. There is more to it than that. It's just such an overwhelming emotion, not sadness, I don't feel pain. I just cannot control it. It is the most embarrassing thing to go through.

Authority figures for sure. I cried when I was trying to explain to my Doctor what was wrong with my throat. I've cried when frustrated and asking teachers for help, or any authority figure really. So annoying -_-

My god! I seriously thought that I was some pathetic sensitive loser whom can not control her feelings. I feel the exact same when about to cry. I especially tend to cry while speaking about negative things with someone of authority like my parents, teacher etc. It makes me look weak and you know trying to play the "victim".

I thought I am the only one,looks like I am not alone

Wow. I honestly can't stop reading through this. It's crazy how I am EXACTLY like this! When it happens to me, I try and avoid people to let my tears calm down, but when someone asks me "what's wrong" or "are you okay?" It's over. But the thing is is that I feel NO need to cry at all! I would be perfectly fine, while there are tears just running down my face! I just don't get it! Why do I feel there is no need of crying!? It just looks like I am a sensitive and emotional person, which I'm really not! I can tell people off, and they can say something back to me and I will be perfectly fine. I wish it would just go away!

PLEASE. Help me. I used to literally falls own a flight of stairs and just get up and walk away. Now everytime someone is kidding around with me and call me an idiot or something I start tearing up. I have been called some bad stuff and scraped myself up pretty bad, but ever since last spring I became sensitive. Also, when I do cry sometimes I get that thing that makes it hard to breath, but I get it like 50x worse. In spring I was in hysterics and couldn't breathe. I thought I was having a panic attack! I'm a 13 year old boy and came in this website looking for answers about this. I don't exactly fit into this crowd - most of you are like 27, but the fact that I'm not alone is reassuring but if anyone can help me than that would be incredible.

Girl me too! I get so upset about everything! I'm a junior in high school. I get frustrated and cry and people ask if I'm okay and I cry harder and they think something's wrong but nothing's wrong just frustrated! Ahh I wish my tear ducts would just dry up! And I don't cry during movies either!!!! I don't understand! Then people tell me to calm down! And I start making weird noises because I'm trying to breath and cry at the same time and people look at me really weird! I just hate it!

Me too! With the breathing thing. I thought it was normal but now I realized no one does that besides me. It is SO hard to try and stop it. In fact it's impossible.

OMG it's great to read that it's others like me. I'm 27, I have seven children been on my own since I was 17. I had my first baby early and the other six from another guy we have been together for 11 years so I'm a pretty tough young lady. Every since I can remember all I do is cry. I cry when someone does me wrong, when I'm wrong, when one of my children is sick, and I think for no apparent reason. I believe I might have been messed up as a child. I just can't figure it out, I have always felt like there was something wrong with me and to hear my children father tell me I cry to much and I must have a mental problem just tears me up inside. Sometime I just think it's a curse and I'm to weak to live in this nasty world but when I think of my babies sometimes the tears just stop and other times they fall harder. I know I can make it I don't know what it is. I fell like if I talk to a doctor they might think I crazy. Crying I think shows a sign of weakness to other people but I really believe that it's because you know you should've done something a different way or you're making mistakes that you shouldn't made. What ever the case maybe I was crying when I wrote this I just needed to vent and while goggling why do I cry so much I came across this post. Now that I see that it's others like me in the world I don't feel so bad now.

I always though it was just me, that I was the weird over emotional, over caring person. I know what triggers my non stop cryin and almost can't breath events! Yet I can't stop them. I feel like a child who's having a tantrum due to how intensely I cry but I just can't "calm Dow" or "relax" it does not work that way!!! Every time I feel targeted, yelled at, at fault, or as if I disappoint people, like I upset someone or did something wrong (which let me clarify, 99% of the time I'm feeling like one of those) I CRY!!!!
It has have got to a point where I feel like a child myself and as I'm crying I question why I'm crying ad yet I do not know! I sometimes just cry and I don't need anyone to make me cry, so I have now have got to a point where I make myself cry and it's so disappointing of myself!! So then I cry even more because I made myself cry! I don't understand!!!!! I truelly don't understand!!!! I'm a very very happy person enough to say I was a cheerleader in high school and I'm always excited about things in life but I just cry a lot enough for my boyfriend to say I'm a cry baby!

16 and just got home from another one of my stupid breakdowns at school. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only person with this problem. If only there was a diagnose to it and a way to prevent it. everyone tells me, deep breathing... but I cant stop and breath when i'm chokining on my tears. it really is not fun and this is something that not everyone understands. I think it may be a form of anxiety, does anyone feel that no matter what they just cant stop crying? deep breathing, nothing can help and when someone asks if I'm okay more tears come out and It starts all over. like can people please just ignore te crying kid and let her get over it! I think the worse part is feeling like an idiot which makes us cry harder. i hate it!

I just cry with high frustration. If a teacher yells at me I cry. If I dont understand something I start tearing up. If im in an arguement I start to cry. Im 15. Nothing about this is fun.

OMG! I thought it was just me! I am so glad that it is not just me! My family cannot understand this and I cannot explain it. There is someone like me out here! Can I hug you? OMG! I am going to cry....

I had no idea so many people went through the same as I. I am 42 and have had this problem my whole life. My grandma used to tell me I was sensitive just like her and that didn't bother me as I loved her more than anything. I am so tired of crying at the drop of a hat! It's irritating and ticks me off as I am a very strong and a very independent women but this over abundance of tears perceives me as the total opposite. Very frustrating and I would love to find out how to stop it.

i know how u feel i cry for everything else except what makes other people cry and im tired of being made fun of! almost half the people probably are sensitive but nothing is wrong with us it usually happens cause it can connect with a child hood memory and u dont even have to think about it! or the way you were raised...i did months of research, therapists, counselors, and nothing worked! so i looked back and said well how did i deal with these problems with my parents, with friends, with myself. if this helps your welcome and if not keep searching, you'll find an answer

Like most everyone here, I have experienced this over emotionalness my entire life. It used to be a lot worse back in elementary school. I would cry whenever a teacher would confront me. It seems for me it's a lot to do with do something wrong and not wanting to disappoint people. Authority figures are definitely the worst. At one point in my life i was so fed up with it I made a New Years resolution that I would stop crying. It worked for about a year. But although my crying came back I didn't let it run my life. I got mad at it and told it that I didn't have time for it's nonsense. Some situations I just can't avoid the crying. Like when I have a school project due that I'm having a hard time with, I can ask for help because I know I'm going to cry in front of the teacher of a friend so I cry about not understanding and do my best in the end. Being a crier is really taking a toll on me as of late and I find myself in search of a new way to deal with this chemical imbalance. It's gets much much worse whenever I am on my period so I am convinced that I'm in the "it's a hormone imbalance" club. I hope that I can become more confident in myself and feel like I know what I am doing when it comes to talking to people. I think if only there was a name for it all, I would feel better about just crying when it happened you know? Like I'd have something to tell people when they asked if I was okay. Just need a reason other than, I just cry at stupid moments.

this post was really nice to see along with several of the comments, nice to know that i am not the only one who cries all the time in all sorts of situations. I wish my cry button could be turned off. I cry when I'm frustrated, angry, upset, sad, over-whelmed, the list goes on and on and has been like this for as long as I can remember. I will be finishing college here soon and do not want to cry at my post-college job like i have numerous times at my current one. At one point my manager even said she has never seen someone cry as much as i have in her career (that was awful to hear). It's not like i want to cry; its not like i need to cry it just happens. When i get into conflicts, when i get acknowledgement for my accomplishments, no matter the situation it seems like i end up crying and i HATE that i cry. Absolutely hate it!

I am 25 and even though my tear ducts supposedly don't produce enough tears I still cry everytime I am alone and other times too. Usually this kind of response is because of some undiscovered physiological problem like a hormone imbalance or some kind of psychiatric issue such as anxiety.

Im 16 and EVERY TIME im mad/frustrated the same thing happens to me. I seriously thought i was the only one:/
its so embarassing at school though... And it makes it worse when people see you and are like "awww its ok dont cry!" I have noo idea how to stop them from comming out though and trust me thats sooo annoying.