I Feel Like There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Me.

Ever since i can remember I have always cried. It was always the worst in school. As early as 1st grade. if i was sitting in class, and i didn't understand what i was supposed to be doing i would cry. if i didn't understand the problem I'd cry. the teachers would get frustrated with it, I'd get more frustrated and I'd cry harder. i soon became known as "the girl who cries" "baby Jamie" "cry baby" and so on. My parents knew about my problem but they just said that I'm sensitive or emotional. i always felt like something just wasn't right.

I am now 24 and still a cry-er. I hate it! I cry went i am on the phone with a provider of some kind, cable company, insurance provider etc, and if something is not going correctly or i don't understand or if i feel like I'm asking a dumb question or just being stressed out from having to call them in the first place.... I feel my throat tighten, nose tingle, eyes burn... and its start right on cue. and then i feel like a moron.

I cry when I'm frustrated, mad, arguing with someone, asking a question, stressed, feel overwhelmed. i cry when someone does something good for me and i feel like i don't deserve it. basically the only time i don't cry is when i see an emotional movie or something that would make most people cry.

I am not depressed. yeah the world sucks right now because of gas prices and prices on everything is ridiculously high. but everyone is stressed out about that.  i am not a sad person. I am engaged to be married and very happy with my husband to be and i don't feel like i have it any harder for anyone else doing the same things in my age group. i just really feel like there is something wrong with the crying button in my brain and i wish it would stop being pressed.

So it's pretty much frustration and the feeling of being overwhelmed is what makes my cry. and is hard to avoid. I can't just not make thought phone calls i need to make to get somethings done. i can't lock myself up to avoid situations. I just with i was normal and didn't cry easily. i just can't control it. I've tried. "oh just take a deep breath and count to 10" easier said than done when your on the phone with some stranger and they're thinking your an idiot.

I've tried talking to a psychologist too. and school counselors. they both do the same thing... stare at me, nod, smile, and say "there is nothing wrong with you your just sensitive."  I AM SO TIRED OF HEARING THAT!

not really sure what i will get out of this, just kinda glad to be able to vent. any advise would help. sorry this went on so long but if you cry like i do you'll understand. would be nice to know if someone else out there goes trough this too. well...... thanks.

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Same I cry supper easily and my family just dosent get me they say "your so emotional or stop crying " and then when I cry they get mad and then yell at me and what do I just cry harder . I honestly don't know what to do eather no matter how hard i try to not cry i do .. I actually have gotten depressed from it . Telling my self I need help I some things wrong with me

I cry easily too over small matters and is like family members don't understand that tears are beyond our control
Each time I get scream at by my sis for being stupid useless brain dead and blind and not able 2 follow instructions ill cry

Typing this now even make me teared

You've just described my life, I've finally been able to control it school, but I cry way to much, I'm put under a little more stress than homework my throat tightens I can't breath my nose burns and no matter how hard I try the tear keep coming and won't stop, what makes it worse is my parents get mad at me, they scream at me that I'm a babyand can't take care of myself and now they need to baby me which makes me feel incredibly stupid I say something stupid theysay I'm being stupid (I don't know how they think this will help) afterwords I'll have to hide in my room and sob my heart ou and I feel so worthless and people get so annoyed with me and I just want to give up on everything

For me it's a problem of control. In early primary school I was fine, I had a healthy childhood and I only cried when I wanted to. But as I grew older my mom became meaner to me when I did something wrong, so it got really scary when she got mad, and whenever she did I would start crying and she would get madder and tell me to stop crying, because I wasn't homeless or hungry. That had a 50/50 chance of working, either I managed to quickly supress my tears out of fear or I couldn't, and then my mom would hit me with her hand/fist really hard (not to the extent where you'd consider it abuse). That's when I really couldn't stop, because by then I would feel rage as well but I couldn't express it through anything except tears because my mother was the superior and doing anything aggressive would result in the worsening of my punishment. (My mother when she's not angry though is a brilliant mother)
So basically growing up I was used to the routine of crying halfway and then supressing (i angered my mother frequently). I think this might be the root of my problem, but it's only self analysis.
Later on I found out that I had gained very strange crying habits. I was very good at not feeling much in serious, actually depressing situations, such as my relatives' funerals. People beside me would be tearing up and I'd be trying to squeeze a tear out of my eye so that people wouldn't think I didn't value those who had passed. Usually this ability to maintain stoic lasts 3 -5 months, at best maybe 6, and then after that I get an episode. An episode is where something minor and stupid manages to trigger my tear duct (e.g. teacher criticizing my work, someone unexpectedly showing me sincere concern)and I try so hard to make it stop but it doesn't and I end up humiliating myself in public. It really sucks, especially when you're trying to show someone you're perfectly unaffected by their harsh words. People think you're oversensitive, even though it's really a buildup of all the frustrations and rage accumulated over the months. I've cried uncontrollably 3 times on crowded public transport, over 20 minutes each time. Everyone looks at you like you're mentally unstable, or worse, like they hold the world's greatest contempt for this skinny pale tween who clearly doesn't know crap about the true pains in life. I know I don't. But that doesn't invalidate my feelings. You guys should remember that: don't feel sorry for feeling too deeply. It's not your responsibility to not cry, it's only recommended you feel okay so that you live okay.

Somewhat same story as mine. My mother, I know she loves me and I too, but she gets mad over me for litthe things. Earlier I used to get scared of her, but now I have lost my patience. I become so aggressive whenever she scolds me. I'm 27, engaged now. I don't like when she scolds me in front of everyone (my family). I don't understand how to tackle with it.

I'm 12 years old and go through the samething as you. One time my parents ask me to go outside and I went to my room to cry. I started to cry even more when I was crying, almost like a life cycle. I just want u to know that your not the only one.

I just want to thank you all. You have all made me feel like I belong somewhere. So long, I felt like I'm not human, Like I'm not a part of society. Between feeling like a bother to my parents (who were divorcing, while I was in my single years, as young as 3), constantly being left alone (to a tv, game system. my room.), and feeling constantly abandoned, I felt like I never mattered in the first place. I felt like a wasted life. I remember being 2, and asking my mom for a hug, and she yelled at me. It still hurts painfully to this day. being this way, I hope that I can one day reach a peaceful state, to where if it's unavoidable, I can at least be a peace with it, because once I do, I want to share that peace of mind with each and every one of you. I always want to help others, and I want to help all of you. Your stories have helped my heart feel connected to others, which is new to me. I cried yesterday after a friend of mine visited. I was the best time I ever had, and I bursted into tears, because I simply didn't want it to end and be alone. I never want any of you to feel alone. You all are extraordinary individuals. Most people can't feel emotions like this, as to where we have an over abundance. I want us all to let that soak in. You feel emotions deeper than most, and that just means you have a large heart. I don't feel like this helped, but I hope I touched someone's heart with my post. I'm open ears, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

That was beautiful. Ironically it made me tear up (precisely why I'm on this forum). Currently I'm feeling intensely alone and confused, but your comment made things slightly more bearable for a while (i was planning to sleep off my emotions but im too sad right now to wash my face and brush my teeth). So thank you, and I sincerely wish someday you'll find someone who will never leave you feeling alone.

It's the same with me I'm a total cry baby ! I searched on the internet "how to stop myself from crying" and I got really cool results. Check the wiki how site it has really cool tips and they work!!! Another site told me that wehenever we feel as if we are gonna cry pinch the area between our thumb and index finger

my dad barely talked to me in a calm voice but I felt like he was screaming at me when he told me that my answer was wrong so I went to my room and slammed the door so hard and I started to cry .... I think Im sensitive but I'm not ... I might have a problems just like y'all said

I'm not a hudge cry-er. Actually I've been known to be the strong one in bad situations because I never cry. But for some reason, for as long as I can remember, no matter who I am on the phone with I always seem to choke up and I always end up crying. Whether it's just a causal conversation or they are telling me good or bad news. I remember one time when I was in elementary school my mom had call and asked to talked to me, she said she was coming to pick me up from school so I shouldn't get on the bus.. and as I was saying Okay, I started to choke up, not because I was upset, it was just because that is what I did, no explanation, that was just my thing.... I'm glad I'm not alone with this situation but it would be nice to know the meaning behind all of it

Wow. This is me to a T. Looking at these comments I'm surprised how many people this happens to. I cry in a lot of the same situations. When I'm frustrated or confused, in one on one interactions, talking to authority, etc. I can't help it. I know I shouldn't be upset and emotionally I'm not but I just involuntarily start crying. It's awful and it makes me feel so self conscious. I'm 21 and it's been like this pretty much as long as I remember. I feel like This has happened so often that I've become pretty good at hiding it when it does lol. I actually have my first job interview tomorrow and I'm only scared because I know I'm going to start crying. I don't know how to stop it. I've never had any problems with depression and never considered myself super stressed. I think it could stem from insecurities or self esteem issues but I have no idea. It's just so annoying! Glad there are others :')

ya looking at the comments there are so many people that feel the same way(93 responses!?!?! wow), and I feel like jamiebean716 explained it SO well. also I feel we all dont know why, its hard to not know why, it makes you feel weak

OH MY GOSH this is literally exactly how I feel!!! I thought I was the only one cause it seems soo bad. Im sorry that so many of u experince this but at least we know we are not alone. But I HATE it, it makes everything extra hard and I am sick and tired of people telling me to suck it up or im being a baby, because I CANT STOP. I havent really talkes to anyone about it , ive approached my school socail worker but it hasnt helped much cause one I went to him at the end of the school year and had only 2 weeks anf im gone next year to university -.- and 2 I cant get it out cause IM CRYING its just sooo hard. Im 18 and need to get this sorted out, ice been dealing with it for as long as I can remeber I cant do it anymore , its gotten to a point where I scared for the future.

Is there any way to fix this because it is so annoying and it makes me look like a baby

I understand this, I feel the same way, I think that I'll never know what my problem is. Everyone with the sensitive thing, i hate it.
It's like I'm different and I cry because I can do nothing to change it. I don't understand and I hate not understanding.

I cry every time i try to defend myself against other people or when i feel i am being treated infairly and i hate it i which i lose my crying mechanism because most of time it blocks me from standing for myself, it is very embarrassing and i dont know how to control it

"So it's pretty much frustration and the feeling of being overwhelmed is what makes my cry." That is EXACTLY how I feel. I cried today after the doctor wouldn’t give me an appointment. I cried yesterday when my loan servicing company were being jerks. I feel like I have no strength and the first bad thing that happens to me puts me over the edge. Every day is hard. I have started to get migraines and stomach problems. Does anyone have any advice or ideas to help? I also cried as a little girl for no reasons. In kindergarten they gave me a calendar and for everyday that I didn’t cry I got a gold star… I didn’t get many gold stars.

I go through the same exact thing and I want tol ow why this happens to me also. I hate it.

I can totally relate to the "crying for no good reason" thing. Even as a young child, I would wave to my dad when he would leave the house and just cry - I guess worrying about if something would happen to him or just because he was always so sweet to me. Both my parents cared so much for me and this always made me cry - why would something good like this make you cry, I don't know, lol. My problem is, I am very good at hiding it bcs I am embarrassed. I don't know what to say to ask for help when I'm crying and someone says, what's wrong? I feel so silly, I'd just much rather hide so no one has to see me and ask. But I know that's not healthy - what does anyone else say when they're embarrassed for crying but know they should reach out to family/friends?

It's really good to know that there are others, I legitimately thought I was alone (phew). I've always, always be sensitive but not like this. It started this year in school because of pressure and then it turned into me just randomly crying if anyone so much as turned their head at me but I've learned how to hide it quite well but it's not enough like I would sit in math class and not understand a question and out of nowhere start crying! The same in English I would be asked to read out an essay because it was good and I'd start reading and end in tears. I can't stop it, that and my anxiety is just awful..I have no clue how to stop it! 😓

Everything will be okay,I cry when things don't go my way also. I've dealt with it for years and years and started to "study" myself.I came to a conclusion that when I cried for that reason I felt like I wasn't in control of things, I felt lost so my brain panics. I tell myself constantly that I'm okay but the tears keep coming. There's also times when I just know a situation will make me cry so when it does happen its 10 times worse which I'm blaming on stress. And I really suck at talking about it because talking about myself makes me CRY so it's a vicious cycle of confusion, stress, and fear. One time I called an animal shelter to ask them to take a picture of a pitbull I could no longer have (I didn't like this dog at all) after the phone call I started to panic at the idea of people coming to my house and talking to me so I cried like a baby then I got upset because I was crying for a lame reason and that made me cry worse it lasted for about 2 hours. And ignored their calls because I was so afraid of talking to them I don't know why!I WANT to speak out I love talking to people I love company but I always afraid I will say something WRONG or I will come off as awkward which is why I isolate myself.I CANNOT speak when I am upset I just can't, I'm a "woman of few words" i have been told that. If only they knew what I was saying in my head. All the incouragment I give others all the pride I have for them how I want to be their friend how I am struggling to reach out
I am a LEADER I do know I can lead but this.. This problem ! Where people think I'm "SHY" "MEAN" "RUDE" "DIFFERENT" Makes it impossible to break my shell I have been kicking and hitting since day one

Wow, same here.
I'm 19 and thinking about becoming a teacher, now I fear that I will cry over the smallest things.

Once, I got asked a question in an interview like "who is your role model" and seriously I just start crying. I said it's my mother. It's not like shes dead or sick, I guess my emotions just took control. I didn't want to cry! My voice was so shaky and I couldn't speak. It's really annoying. :/
Today, my eyes were roaming around the subway car and my eyes kept landing on this baby and his mother. I think the baby is cute so I smile at the mother but the mother just cusses at me calling me a nosey b-tch! (I really wasn't being creepy, the baby just kept catching my attention.)
My body felt weak when I heard those words being directed to me but luckily it was my stop so I ran out and I was fine for the most part, but I tried talking about it to my mother when I got home and I started crying. I really hate talking to my mother and say through my shaky voice "I don't know why I'm crying, I don't want to cry right now."

Omg everything u said describes me I hate crying all the time it makes everyone see me as weak but I'm not I'm in the 9th grade and I'm trying to get rid of this I can't even have a simple discussion without my eyes getting watery and my nose getting red ugh I just hate it. I even cry when I'm just talking to myself in my head and make the matter worse then cry and everyone seems to be weirded out by me and they just don't understand

I feel like replying to all these posts cos I can’t believe how much I’m relating to all the different stories. @NerdyAngie146 made me think of this one thing I used to do as a child. I would go to the balcony and wave goodbye(aggresively if necessary) to my parents when they’re about to go to work whilst feeling teary because I felt like something will happen to them or I will never see them again. Like they will get into a car crash or something. Was I feeling overly-guilty for something I did? It was a really weird thing. And if they don’t wave back, I would cry. This leads me to another story. When I was even little-er, I was really resistant to going to pre-school. I think I was really sad all the time and couldn’t stop thinking about my mom and the strange environment because my mom told me that I even vomitted once or twice. Lol I think that wasn’t very helpful. Welp, at least I can share my stories. Also, I would like to wish the best to the people that’s stressing out and just feeling like serious **** because of this, I hope you get better! The one thing I’m sure of is that stress and depression makes it worse. We’re the kind of people that have to do our best to avoid those things. Before when I was depressed, I did fine with class presentations. I hope that helps! And I reeeeaaally appreciate the solutions that you guys are sharing :)

I know exactly how you fill . im a freshmen in high school but I only cry when my mom yells at me and I have to go to the princibles also I get really dizzy and I dont know why its reallu confusing and annoying

I feel like I cry a river a day. I just turned 17, a week ago, and I've always been a cry-er. Most of my baby pictures and child hood picture I'm crying in. Everyone thought it was normal or okay when I was little by now my parents think I'm nuts. And I think everything that say is directed toward me negatively. My mom as asked me if I'm depressed and need to see a thrapist, she's asked I I think I'm bipolar, because I have break downs randomly and just cry for hours and hours apon end. I'm crying while I type this because I'm happy that I'm not alone but I'm also crying because I'm sorry that other people have to go what I go through everyday. In my house I feel unwelcome but I'm not sure if I have a reason. My parentsake fun of me for crying too much and they think I'm annoying and do it for attention. They don't realize that if I could stop myself from cry and from feeling the way I feel, I would. The cryin causes me to hurt and I can't breathe. My mom tells me I need I to control it but its impossible for me to stop it from happening, I often cry for up o six hours non stop, it's not everyday, but is like twice a week, everything that happens that week causes me to break down and yell and cry and when someone tells at me I cry even harder. My emotions are causein my family horrible grief. I need help, please. I'm scared I will harm myself wothout the help.

I cry at the most unnecessary situations, but at things like funerLs i dont feel a thing. The worst part is, once i start it only gets worse to the point where i forget why im crying while feeling even worse. And then i start having weird thoughts like , "i wish i didnt exist. Then i wouldnt have to feel this way and my parents wouldnt be burdened. I mean, my existence has never mattered because no one would be affected even if i wasnt there" i dont mean that i want death. I just dont want to be me anymore. Its more like im tempted by the idea of disappearing but then no one would have to be hurt by missing me because i was never there. And i also feel extremely stabby at that point towards the person who made me cry, but deep down i dont want to hurt them so i dig my palms into a blunt object and envision tearing pottery (anything heavy and breakable that isnt living) with my bare hands. Anyway,when i stop eventually i forget about all this so im writing this while the memory's fresh.

*because then. Sorry i had to type quickly while i still remember everthing

I know why too well how you feel and I feel like I am very alone and that I am a burden on everyone around me. When I walk in a room or someone is on the phone with someone else I feel like they are talking bad about me. It hurts and very scary to have these feelings and it's embarrassing to be 33 years old and all people do is call you a cry baby. I feel like no one understands. I have a hard time holding jobs and communicating with anyone including my own family because I'm so scared of what the out come will be, I feel scared to cry in front of my own mom because she even looks at me like I'm an annoying cry baby who just wants attention. I just want someone to see what I see and feel what I feel. It's hard to live a normal life like this, I wish I could just wake up one day and just be normal.

I know what you mean, expect you live in a society where people are willing to help and understand that people have these crying issues whereas I live with people who just make it worse by reminding about how much I cry not considering I may have a serious anxiety problem but hey what do I know I'm just black kid in Africa, both white and black people are convinced no black person can be sick in that nature.

I'm turning 20 in a few days and I've had this problem ever since I could remember.... I use to cry at everything as a child but what kid hasn't? When I was in middle school I started crying over not being able to answer math problems and if I got in trouble I'd cry right when I sat down on the chair in front of them.. Now I cry when I talk about myself and my dreams and how my life is... I can't talk to my mom or dad or sister without crying, I get headaches for crying so much I cry when I'm yelling at someone or upset and my problem doesn't help the fact that I have so many other problems I'm shy I have social anxiety I'm depressed and always stressed I have a headache everyday now I have a rare stomach problem.... And I can't even call people on the phone to talk to them about stuff like doctors to get appointments.. My heart starts racing my eyes are about to explode and when I get off the phone I just start crying and I don't know how to fix my crying problem... I'm told that I just cry for attention or something like that from my parents but why would I cry for no reason? I hope someone finds the answer and can help us all that have this.

I cry all the time. I can't even have a conversation with my boss without bawling my eyes out. I cry over the dumbest stuff like breaking a glass. If I have to talk to any kind of authority figure I get so nervous that I just cry. And of course my family makes fun of me, saying I'm just emotional and what not. But it's more. There is more to it than that. It's just such an overwhelming emotion, not sadness, I don't feel pain. I just cannot control it. It is the most embarrassing thing to go through.

Authority figures for sure. I cried when I was trying to explain to my Doctor what was wrong with my throat. I've cried when frustrated and asking teachers for help, or any authority figure really. So annoying -_-

My god! I seriously thought that I was some pathetic sensitive loser whom can not control her feelings. I feel the exact same when about to cry. I especially tend to cry while speaking about negative things with someone of authority like my parents, teacher etc. It makes me look weak and you know trying to play the "victim".

I thought I am the only one,looks like I am not alone

Wow. I honestly can't stop reading through this. It's crazy how I am EXACTLY like this! When it happens to me, I try and avoid people to let my tears calm down, but when someone asks me "what's wrong" or "are you okay?" It's over. But the thing is is that I feel NO need to cry at all! I would be perfectly fine, while there are tears just running down my face! I just don't get it! Why do I feel there is no need of crying!? It just looks like I am a sensitive and emotional person, which I'm really not! I can tell people off, and they can say something back to me and I will be perfectly fine. I wish it would just go away!

PLEASE. Help me. I used to literally falls own a flight of stairs and just get up and walk away. Now everytime someone is kidding around with me and call me an idiot or something I start tearing up. I have been called some bad stuff and scraped myself up pretty bad, but ever since last spring I became sensitive. Also, when I do cry sometimes I get that thing that makes it hard to breath, but I get it like 50x worse. In spring I was in hysterics and couldn't breathe. I thought I was having a panic attack! I'm a 13 year old boy and came in this website looking for answers about this. I don't exactly fit into this crowd - most of you are like 27, but the fact that I'm not alone is reassuring but if anyone can help me than that would be incredible.

Girl me too! I get so upset about everything! I'm a junior in high school. I get frustrated and cry and people ask if I'm okay and I cry harder and they think something's wrong but nothing's wrong just frustrated! Ahh I wish my tear ducts would just dry up! And I don't cry during movies either!!!! I don't understand! Then people tell me to calm down! And I start making weird noises because I'm trying to breath and cry at the same time and people look at me really weird! I just hate it!

Me too! With the breathing thing. I thought it was normal but now I realized no one does that besides me. It is SO hard to try and stop it. In fact it's impossible.

OMG it's great to read that it's others like me. I'm 27, I have seven children been on my own since I was 17. I had my first baby early and the other six from another guy we have been together for 11 years so I'm a pretty tough young lady. Every since I can remember all I do is cry. I cry when someone does me wrong, when I'm wrong, when one of my children is sick, and I think for no apparent reason. I believe I might have been messed up as a child. I just can't figure it out, I have always felt like there was something wrong with me and to hear my children father tell me I cry to much and I must have a mental problem just tears me up inside. Sometime I just think it's a curse and I'm to weak to live in this nasty world but when I think of my babies sometimes the tears just stop and other times they fall harder. I know I can make it I don't know what it is. I fell like if I talk to a doctor they might think I crazy. Crying I think shows a sign of weakness to other people but I really believe that it's because you know you should've done something a different way or you're making mistakes that you shouldn't made. What ever the case maybe I was crying when I wrote this I just needed to vent and while goggling why do I cry so much I came across this post. Now that I see that it's others like me in the world I don't feel so bad now.

I always though it was just me, that I was the weird over emotional, over caring person. I know what triggers my non stop cryin and almost can't breath events! Yet I can't stop them. I feel like a child who's having a tantrum due to how intensely I cry but I just can't "calm Dow" or "relax" it does not work that way!!! Every time I feel targeted, yelled at, at fault, or as if I disappoint people, like I upset someone or did something wrong (which let me clarify, 99% of the time I'm feeling like one of those) I CRY!!!!
It has have got to a point where I feel like a child myself and as I'm crying I question why I'm crying ad yet I do not know! I sometimes just cry and I don't need anyone to make me cry, so I have now have got to a point where I make myself cry and it's so disappointing of myself!! So then I cry even more because I made myself cry! I don't understand!!!!! I truelly don't understand!!!! I'm a very very happy person enough to say I was a cheerleader in high school and I'm always excited about things in life but I just cry a lot enough for my boyfriend to say I'm a cry baby!

16 and just got home from another one of my stupid breakdowns at school. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only person with this problem. If only there was a diagnose to it and a way to prevent it. everyone tells me, deep breathing... but I cant stop and breath when i'm chokining on my tears. it really is not fun and this is something that not everyone understands. I think it may be a form of anxiety, does anyone feel that no matter what they just cant stop crying? deep breathing, nothing can help and when someone asks if I'm okay more tears come out and It starts all over. like can people please just ignore te crying kid and let her get over it! I think the worse part is feeling like an idiot which makes us cry harder. i hate it!

I just cry with high frustration. If a teacher yells at me I cry. If I dont understand something I start tearing up. If im in an arguement I start to cry. Im 15. Nothing about this is fun.

OMG! I thought it was just me! I am so glad that it is not just me! My family cannot understand this and I cannot explain it. There is someone like me out here! Can I hug you? OMG! I am going to cry....

I had no idea so many people went through the same as I. I am 42 and have had this problem my whole life. My grandma used to tell me I was sensitive just like her and that didn't bother me as I loved her more than anything. I am so tired of crying at the drop of a hat! It's irritating and ticks me off as I am a very strong and a very independent women but this over abundance of tears perceives me as the total opposite. Very frustrating and I would love to find out how to stop it.

i know how u feel i cry for everything else except what makes other people cry and im tired of being made fun of! almost half the people probably are sensitive but nothing is wrong with us it usually happens cause it can connect with a child hood memory and u dont even have to think about it! or the way you were raised...i did months of research, therapists, counselors, and nothing worked! so i looked back and said well how did i deal with these problems with my parents, with friends, with myself. if this helps your welcome and if not keep searching, you'll find an answer

Like most everyone here, I have experienced this over emotionalness my entire life. It used to be a lot worse back in elementary school. I would cry whenever a teacher would confront me. It seems for me it's a lot to do with do something wrong and not wanting to disappoint people. Authority figures are definitely the worst. At one point in my life i was so fed up with it I made a New Years resolution that I would stop crying. It worked for about a year. But although my crying came back I didn't let it run my life. I got mad at it and told it that I didn't have time for it's nonsense. Some situations I just can't avoid the crying. Like when I have a school project due that I'm having a hard time with, I can ask for help because I know I'm going to cry in front of the teacher of a friend so I cry about not understanding and do my best in the end. Being a crier is really taking a toll on me as of late and I find myself in search of a new way to deal with this chemical imbalance. It's gets much much worse whenever I am on my period so I am convinced that I'm in the "it's a hormone imbalance" club. I hope that I can become more confident in myself and feel like I know what I am doing when it comes to talking to people. I think if only there was a name for it all, I would feel better about just crying when it happened you know? Like I'd have something to tell people when they asked if I was okay. Just need a reason other than, I just cry at stupid moments.

this post was really nice to see along with several of the comments, nice to know that i am not the only one who cries all the time in all sorts of situations. I wish my cry button could be turned off. I cry when I'm frustrated, angry, upset, sad, over-whelmed, the list goes on and on and has been like this for as long as I can remember. I will be finishing college here soon and do not want to cry at my post-college job like i have numerous times at my current one. At one point my manager even said she has never seen someone cry as much as i have in her career (that was awful to hear). It's not like i want to cry; its not like i need to cry it just happens. When i get into conflicts, when i get acknowledgement for my accomplishments, no matter the situation it seems like i end up crying and i HATE that i cry. Absolutely hate it!

I am 25 and even though my tear ducts supposedly don't produce enough tears I still cry everytime I am alone and other times too. Usually this kind of response is because of some undiscovered physiological problem like a hormone imbalance or some kind of psychiatric issue such as anxiety.

Im 16 and EVERY TIME im mad/frustrated the same thing happens to me. I seriously thought i was the only one:/
its so embarassing at school though... And it makes it worse when people see you and are like "awww its ok dont cry!" I have noo idea how to stop them from comming out though and trust me thats sooo annoying.

I do the same thing i cry wen i get angry or frustration recently i cried at work cuz i couldnt do my job properly wat was worse was the head of department and manager talked to me asking y i was crying im 21

I am reading this bc I thought it was just me... I almost thought I wrote the post... Ugh.. thinking about it, and talking about it makes me cry.. so over it at 32.

Yeah. I know a person who can't get tears even if she wanted to. Her tears-gland went dry, the doc said.May be our tears glands are way too active. Why not go to a physician and explain the story.I never went to the doc. If you do, be kind enough to update me on goldwynemayer@gmail

I am reading these responses and the tears are building in my eyes. All i want is to be seen as an adult not some 22year old who cries at anything at all. I am a passionate person and i care so much about every little thing in my life and i just feel like the non-cryers dont get that. I try to talk to work collegues about issues and i cry. I get so fustrated bcoz I am being serious but feels like i am not taken seriosly bcoz i cry. I tell ppl to ignore the tears but of corz theyre still there n i feel like a ***, like everone thinks im goin for a sympathy vote or trying to get what i want from it.. I just want to stop crying I am very mature and I cant take bein seen as this weak pathetic woman when inside i am strong intelligent passionate.. Yes i may be sensitive when it comes to my family and friends but I want others to see me for me not for my tears. Through outvmy life ive been told to stop crying well heres a thought to those who tell ppl to stop crying.. Do u really think we want to cry? Dont u think we wuld stop if we could!!! Stop telling me to stop crying someone please jist care enuf to support me. So so very lost with the world. i just dnt feel normal...

I have experienced the same problem all my life (I'm 31). I have always thought there is something wired wrong in my brain because my eyes get teary for no reason even when I don't feel like crying. Me eyes are big and quite expressive so people notice it all the time and they ask why am I crying and I end up having to explain that I am not actually crying, but only my eyes are...I know it must sound really stupid and most people won't believe it, but it is truth. I don't feel like crying, but my brain triggers that reaction in some situations. I know it is difficult to understand for others who don't suffer this condition, but it is what it is. In my case it is not because of depression, trauma, shyness or any of the things you might assume... it could be some genetical predisposition or I don't know, but in my mother's side of the family many experience this same thing. I have learned to somehow live with it, not caring so much about what people think, I will just continue talking like nothing happened. It is embarrassing, but there is nothing I can do to control it, so I just try to make it seem as "normal" possible and not give much attention to it. It is easier when people already know you and your crying-ness... but it is ackward when it happens with complete strangers.

every moment am alone,,i cry..a lot comes in ma mind and tears jus start poppin out..i wouldnt know what i will be cryin about,,bt i jus cry..

hi jamie, im glad i found this... i have exactly the same thing going on. I see you wrote this a very long time ago but i was wondering if you ever found an answer.. I am just like you. I can remember in grade 3 my teacher telling me that I really needed to grow up because in grade 4 they wouldn't put up with my crying... well... in grade 4 i remember tears rolling down over the animals on my shirt because i couldnt understand the math problems , and when the teacher would ask i would be so confused and wouldn't know where to start. I just started a new job and there are so many things i dont understand, i was in a group of people being trained in and i feel like the only one who doesnt understand. today I was in a call with a client, it went bad and I did everything i could not to cry, but sure enough the hot tears came and my throat closed up and i felt like a total tool. again. for the 1000000th time in my life. Im 26. I hope you found an answer to this, cause i could sure use an explanation.

Hey, I experience the exact same thing. I know this is a very old post, but do u still experience this?

Don't worry, I cry too over homework :(......

I cry a lot too... I don't know why. It is weird that I am not the only one

I quit smoking about 10 years ago or so and shortly after that I would just start crying for no reason, now I find myself crying when I try to talk about something emotionally serious to me, with friends and family. I never use to be that way. I must have some on solved emotional things, or something. I wish I could figure it out. Oh and along with the crying came panic attacks, but these have gotten a lot better now. It really sucks not knowing what's going on with your self.

Aargh, it's looking at people in the eyes that really gets me. When I can tell they're reading me I start up in a panic. The lump cuts off my breathing, my face goes all blotchy and red, my lips quiver, my brain screams at me, and with the coolest voice I can possibly muster (which is actually wobbly as all hell) I reply "Oh yeah, sorry I was away yesterday. I had a bad cold".

Buh! Well I'm just a silly ****. Thanks @SafonovaV I'll try that pinching technique, but I'm not sure if that would make someone look weirder.

I cry over nothing and I definitely cry when I am frustrated or stressed. My boyfriend fusses at me for crying so much. Mainly because it's not his fault so he doesn't know how to fix it but it kinda hurts that he can't just be nice and make it better whether it's his fault or not ya know? Recently I have been working and going to school. Things were okay then but now I have a hug project due that I haven't done anything on and I have a musical being taken to competition that's going nowhere! I am so stressed it is ridiculous. Hopefully things for me will get better soon when things calm down. It is nice to vent (:

I am just over 61,and South African by culture,I have been in a serious relationship with a british woman,well built(sexy),and she is just over 50.She has told me I a very arractive,and sexy man,even at my age,and I notice a lot of women do show body language towards this in the street,and shops,when I frequent.....
She(ny exisiting girlfriend) is recently divorced,and has 3 grown up children,all girls.I cry a lot(not openly,just tears)as she recently moved out,and said she wanted her space.We argued over stupid things like money,as she spends lavendishly.I am still in love with her,but it is slowly dying off,and Im not a man to just go look for another woman to bed.I am still committed to my soon to be ex,but no longer know how to deal with this seperation,and feel,I no longer want to just "see her to have sex,as she may want",I want a relationship with her,if she is not carefull I will break it off,but my love for her wont go,what do I do??

Well, I guess you aren't alone. I cry a lot too! Whenever my parents travel, I would always cry. I would call them almost every 2 hours to chat with them. And if they don't feel like talking to me, I would break down. To make things worse, my mom would raise her voice and scold me for being so childish! She would then hang up the call. It really breaks my heart whenever my mom reprimand me for calling her. I miss them so much! I just want to be with them as long as I could. Well, fyi, I'm 17... Is this normal?

Dont worry i cry all the time i felt that i was the only one who felt like this i feel like something is wrong with me but i dont know i am so sad and all i want to do is cry all day. so i got this new job thinking i would be happy because now and days jobs are hard to find and when i dont understand anything i just wont to cry my eyes start to tear up and other thing is that i feel really scard most the time like something is going to happen then i start to feel nervous i hate to feel this way oh and yea people always tell me that i am a sensetive person i feel like crying with any little thing that people tell me i just wish i wouldnt feel this, Well i know what your going through i was like this sence i was a little girl or as long as i could rember well just let you know that your not alone on this i feel like crying even just typeing this up

I am a man of 53. Tears to me, a another form of communication. Type of which I don't fully understand. I started when I was an infant. Your/my mother/father may understand our tears. Maybe not. Be assured. God does.<br />
<br />
I'm a cry-baby too. When the time is right. Or, I get out of the situation. Quick! If I can. I cannot say what if I couldn't. I've never been there. I think if we could all cry at leisure. It would be a better world.

Yesterday was like a nightmare for me, I was just screaming & yelling & bashing my forehead with my hands. I felt totaly discusted with myself. I feel as noone cares & I feel very alone. I phoned my husband, he doesnt understand & just got extrely angry at him because I have been trying to resolve the differences for many years, not getting anywhere, I felt very frustrataed. He made a call to have a Psychologist to phone, that call helped me to feel that someone listened to me & cared, it was about what I wanted to make myself feel better, not what he wanted me to do. My husband then told me this morning, he wished he had put me on speaker phone so all in his office could hear me screaming at him. to humiliate me even further than he has done to me in the past with his Anger at me for feeling so very sad & depressed. He is half the problem & only sees that is entirely my problem. Men just dont understand. I felt better when he left & got on with my morning. When he walks in the door at night that is when it all starts all over again, I feel very scared & frightened of him, I do not feel at ease. He thinks it will be fixed, but I dont see that the situation is going to get any better. Words are & can be lifelong damaging. I am feeling ok at this moment, because I feel myself & that everyone's opintions are theirs and not mine. I wish they would keep their opinions to themselves. Look in the Mirror & say those things that you say to me. That is then you will realise that you look like, it is that I See, & I hate that sour look on your face.<br />
If you would only have the look of love & wouldnt feel so scared. I hope this all makes sense. Would I be better off by myself. I would be at Peace...I am sick of being angry and crying all the time. Life just has to get better. :)

This is me all the time, if i get super nervous in school, one of my friends gets in a fight, if i get lost or confused, if i cant understand something, even talking about jobs with my boyfriend. I tend to feel like im about to cry and alot of times i do. It seems to be because i have too many things on my mind at once. Im not even stressed just thinking like a normal person does. Try to take deep breaths of corse and focus on the present moment about whats happening. Then just stop, and think the situation over before you say anything. It has worked nicely for me :) its good to know im not alone here

I now believe i am not going MAD ! I have been suffering this problem for years. does anyone know what hormone it is that effects our emotions ? I seem to be worse when I am due a period so I know its a hormone issue, but I am always like it just to a milder degree.

Im so glad to see this blog, ive been like this since I could remember. What Im trying to conquer is tearing up/crying when I argue with my husband. He gets frustrated & says when I start with my crying he gets fed up and cant take me seriously because it seems i do it on purpose to get out of the conversation. Which I dont. I try to hold my emotions back but the tears just come. Ive cried from frustration to movies etc. Is there any exercises anyone can recommend that has worked or diagnosed this trait?

i thought i was the only one. I dont know any diagnosis but know that ur not alone!!

Do NOT force yourself not to cry<br />
Get angry and let it out<br />
wth should u HAVE to remain calm<br />
ex.fat sister thinks shes alwys right, she thinks ur husband is crap and tht u rlly screwed up<br />
Therefor: U tell her STFU! I dont have to watch u ***** me, u fat crap, thats not job! so take ur *** to the fat farm and **** off!<br />
POINT IS:Y SHOULD U HAVE TO EMBARACED?!? DONT BOTTLE THINGS BECAUSE THI MAKES IT FAR WORSE! JUST GET MAD FOR ONCE! o and NEVER give anyone the SLIGHTEST oppurtunity to pyo. when something is getting to you, adress it directly!

Oh my gosh- me too! I'm not as a sensitive crier, but I still cry a lot and sometimes break down in front of other people that it's embarassing :( I've done it in the hallway upon arriving at school, in a classroom during resource, and pretty much everywhere... and then I do that weird thing where I go to the mirror and cry to myself and then cry even HARDER!!! I'm so glad that there are other people out there like me. I cry when I'm alone whether it's because of stress, loneliness, or even happiness- it doesn't matter because as soon as I'm the only person in my house, I cry and I hate it. One time it was so bad I got sent to the hospital and they thought it was an anxiety attack. I cried for four hours that time. I'm not really sensitive either- i don't know what's wrong with me... because I'm like any other person. I'm not emo... just a normal person but when I cry, it rains. I hate it :(

well...i m goin through the same thing...rite now....i cry whn i m guilty,confronting a frnd....who makes me feel sad.....bfore that...while feelin hurt...when some ones be rude...to mee..th a cry....i just cn't control myself that time......todays its my b'day.......my frnd...made me cry....for the fisrt half of my school period.....i ws not able to stop.....i just kept on shedding my tears...like anything.....everyone......who were just my class mates.....gathered...around meeeeeeeeee....but they didn't.............that made me cry harder.....

I feel SO happy that I am not the only one who cries over nothing! I am 11 years old (I just completed Elementary School), and I have been crying ever since I can remember! I cry SOMETIMES when I am frustrated, and when I don't understand how to do domething in school, such as a Math Lesson, to a Grammar Lesson! I felt like such a loser, and I felt like I had a serious problem. I remember that I cried 2 times in Kindergarten, once when I was frustrated at a mean kid, and the other when my teacher said I couldn't play Bingo because I said how many more spaces I needed (She didn't like when the other Kindergartener's did that). I understand that I cried then because I was little and I didn't understand anything. Now, I recently completed 5th Grade (Moving on to Middle School In September), and I remember when I started crying uncontrollably. I was in 2nd Grade, and we were making these Calendars for our parents (All we had to do was color on them), and I was absent one day, so I said to my teacher, I was like "I don't think I can finish the calendar" And she said "Well Hurry up!" I don't know why, but I started crying! I was crying for like 15 minutes! Uncontrollably! I was so embarassed! The other time I cryed was when I was in 2nd Grade, and I got a B in math. I started crying for like 10 minutes! Don't know why! In 3rd Grade, I cried because I forgot my lunch money at home. In 4th grade, it all got WORSE! I cried because I dodn't understand any math problems, and I would cry until I understood it! I cried like 5 times that 4th Grade year because od not understanding school work! I cried because I didn't like my substitue teachers, and I cried because I HATED my insturment teacher. He would always yell at me! I got so frustrated with him, that I quit the insturment. In 5th grade, I cried because I didn't understand Math lessons (Estimating Products of fractions, etc.) it was O embarassing! I feel like a whimp when I cry! Now that I am going to Middle School next year, I bet I will cry even more! To try to get my crying to stop, I started praying once a day ever since three days ago. Litterally, I was just crying 20 minutes ago because I got frustrated with my website! PLEASE, people, reply back to my comment, and give me tips on not to cry when I don't understand school work, and wish me well in Middle School! Good luck everybody who crys for certain reasons and don't know why.

Thank you so much for posting this. I thought I was crazy! I cry for everything. If I'm angry, frustrated, expressing myself, etc. It drives me mad!

i feel the same. i cry on anythng. its like everyone think i am just acting. i juat a drama queen for everyone. i cant make them feel wht i go through wheni cry or what makes me cry. of i try to hide it then it builds up pressure inside my head and chest and i feel i will explode and i feel dizzy. i feel so helpless and lonely. i hide frm everypne when o need tp cry even tbpse who are close. i need a solution for this endless crying. feel lile dying sometimes.

I'm 63 and have been going through this emotional roller coaster for years now. I have been diagnosed as bi-polar which is an illness which does not just include someone who is fine one second and goes ballistic the next. It's not just an anger illness like most people think. I take clonazepam which helps. I have social anxiety as well as the crying uncontrolably for any reason at any time. There are times I can't make myself go out in a crowd and days I am fine. I think it is partly getting older, not having friends around to do things and empty nest syndrome. We have moved recently and I am apart from all my children. My husband is on the road a lot now due to his job. At an age when I should be grounded and secure I feel totally alone. My advice is continue to look for a doctor who understands and will treat you. It may take awhile to find the right medicine to be on that will help but the end results will be worth it.

this is amazing. well to an extent of course. its amazing that found people with the same problem as me. i dont necessarily cry on the phone with providers and what not, the only times i cant stop crying is when im arguing with my boyfriend, or when im being told by any authority figure (my dad especially, my boss, or even a customer) that im doing something wrong and im making mistakes, and they sometimes dont even mean it in a MEAN way but i just burst out into tears. I think it honestly have started when i was 17, because before that i used to be a really tough girl i never showed my emotions in public. Until i met my FIRST boyfriend who i have cried in front of when we fought. Now i am 21 and with my second boyfriend i used to be really laid back and chill at the beginning until recent fights started breaking down. As soon as i start crying i lose all my credibility and everything i say will be against me because im crying and making no sense. its really hard and well i havent really tried to explain that these tears are in no way manipulative, its just my defense mechanism it happens and i cant stop it, i cry because i dont wanna be an angry ***** and smash things around.<br />
<br />
But the reason iwanted to respond was i read an article in the magazine that was talking about the same issues we are all having here, and it said that pinching the extra skin between your thumb and pointer finger helps. Pinching it as hard as you can. I havent tried yet and i want to try it next time im about to bawl my eyes out. If anyone tries this LET US KNOW IF IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
thanks and good luck everyone <3

I was. Reading. All the comments. Well i have the same problem also.. Im easy to cry.. I dont know if my boyfriend ia fed up with me now seeing me crying. .. I feel stupid.. If i.he just say something about me i just cry even thought its not supposed to be... I just pinch. My thumb skin with my porter finger but my boyfriend make it stop he hold my hand and say stop and talk.. I cant talk cause i cant stop crying... Dunno what tp do... I dont even understand my self anymore...

Oh wow! This is amazing to hear that im not the only one like this!! I thought that I had a really weird problem and was all alone! I also frustrated abd cry, like on the phone to service providers, especially when talking to doctors, bosses, public speaking etc. I actually lost my job because my boss just couldn't understand it. I've had a baby now and my sister also had a baby around the same time, now it's really bad! But now I uncontrollably cry, even if I don't even feel like crying, whenever I look at or speak with or play with my daughter or my nephew when they smile at me or make little noises etc the tears just roll down my face! I don't even get any warning now! This is very hard to function now everyday as I an literally crying without any of the associated emotion like I used to! It's horrible! I actually agree that it may be hormonal as I've had some hormone probs and some anxiety probs in the past, abd I figure that after having a baby your hormones are especially wild so maybe that's why I cry now literally all the time without a reason or warning, I'll keep following this forum to see if anyone can resolve our little teary problem!

I don't cry in most situations, but whenever I am in a situation with a teacher or person I am asking advice from, if they say anything at all negative (it may not even relate to me) my eyes start to well up with tears very obviously and only very rarely can I stop from actually crying. Just today I went to meet someone my mother thought could give me advice on getting into an apprenticeship, (I'm 23 by the way), when she started saying she personally couldn't take me on as an apprentice (which wasn't what I wanted from her just advice) because of various reasons, I just started to cry. I kept talking and smiling and having a conversation with tears rolling down my face. I tried to pass it off as stress related after just graduating, etc. But I was consequently inwardly embarrassed at myself for the rest of the day.

im new here, i have read a few post here and i see that many have this overly sensitive problem, being a man this is difficult, i hide and seclude myself from issues that could trigger my over sensitivity.

Wow, it is great to find support here; I actually googled "I cry when I hear a sad story" and this came up. Like many of you have said, it's comforting to read that I'm not the only one. I'm 44 yrs old and cry over stuff I hear on the news, or when I'm embarrassed, stressed, angry and/or sad. I agree that it's probably some chemical imbalance, and was looking to see what you all have advice about medication. I don't think I'm clinically depressed, but I do think life circumstances at my age get me down more often than not. I find that when I'm in a healthy lifestyle (eating right, keeping in shape/healthy weight, and getting enough rest) my crying episodes level out, and it's more of a "normal" response to "normal" situations where most people would generally cry (like a tear-jerker movie for example). When I'm overweight, not feeling good about myself, stressed-out and can't seem to find the time or energy to exercise and then can't sleep at night...that's when I notice that I cry more easily at any thing. So, I try to remind myself to take care of me. I am trying to lose weight (about 35 pounds to go, not impossible) and eat healthier, less fast food. I believe all of this goes hand in hand. I love reading these posts; it does help to know you're not the only one out there that this happens to. Peace!

I thought I had issues because I cry when I'm angry or sad or frustrated, or when I see or hear sad stories about babies, puppies/dogs, animals and old people. (I avoid the news an animal planet altogether!) I usually don't cry when I'm arguing with someone, rather I would cry when I'm telling a third party about it. I don't cry at inappropriate times but I wish I had a better command of my emotions at all times. I HATE when I start crying while trying to explain to someone why I'm mad or upset. If I'm on the brink of tears and someone says ARE YOU OK?, that sends me over the edge! I appreciate the honesty of the folks here because I think many of you have it far worse than I do. Unfortunately I see a whole lot of ME TOO!, vs 'here's the solution'! At least there's comfort that we're not alone. :)

Whenever things don't go right for me I cry- so isn't the same type of crying that most of you have described- but it is still very disconcerting. Right now am trying to get a permanent position in my company which takes a lot of extra work and am taking care of an elderly parent- and all that stress I am going thru - I want a partner in my life but that person has left me... When I think of all this I cry- it seems very childish to cry since I am 45 years old? Am i being fair to myself?<br />
I'd rather spend time doing posootve things and crying seems like a waste of time no?

The hardest thing is I can have the same ex<x>pression on my face, while having a conversation with my husband, and tears just start flowing, I literally cant control it. And I hate when we do argue, that I cry, cause I feel like I am no longer taken seriously. I have tried literally EVERYTHING....coaching conversations to myself in the mirror, therapy, taking "mini-breaks" when I get "sensitive"... I wouldn't feel that I am a sensitive person, it takes a lot to get me super angry, and I don't degrade myself in any way. I know I am a wonderful, smart, educated person with lots of potential. However, the uncontrollable tears has limited me so much, and I NEED IT TO STOP!

I'm the same way! I seriously thought I was the only one. I'm in high school and I cry at everything it's so embarrassing. Today I had an asthma attack and I went up to the teacher to ask if I could go to the nurse and she asked me what was wrong and I started crying while I told her and when she called the nurse she mentioned that I was very upset in front of the whole class. Then once I got control of myself and went to the nurse she asked what was wrong and I cried yet again for like 10 minutes straight until she told me I could go home. I wish I could do something to get control of my tears everyone I know thinks I'm such a cry baby but I can't help it. It made me feel a lot better reading everyone's posts.

I feel aso releaved reading every single one of these . I cry ABOUT everything. I'm in high school and it's absolutely the hardest ever. I noticed this problem ever since my first day crying. <br />
When someone tells me something blunt I'll cry, yell at me , or when I ask a question or answer it. It's the most ridiculous thing ever! If I don't cry than I'm turning red as ever & when people comment on it brings me to tears . I remember this once in third grade I legit cried everyday and every second of the day ! I just thought it was a phase , but it's not nor a "sensitive thing" ! From third grade to high school I cry almost everyday in math class because I don't understand a thing so it makes me fruistrated and cry. It does make it any better when someone asks me why I cry either. I know this will affect my future from things like debate speech or just class clubs and work. I'm going to my doctor on Monday and I hope he knows what's going on .

I'm so glad I'm not the only one out there. I cry about everything. Car troubles, breakups, fights, sad/happy movies. It's getting ridiculous. My boyfriend keeps telling me that I need to do some soul searching to find out what's wrong with me. Doctors had me put on antidepressants which made me emotionally lethargic. I stopped taking them very quickly. I can remember the first time I cried like this, I was 6 and I was home-schooled and my mom was super impressed about the speed I could complete several math questions, she wanted to show my dad how good I was. I started the math drill and got hung up on like the second question and started bawling my eyes out. I think I was scared because I didn't want to let my dad down. <br />
<br />
I also remember in high school that I would almost cry ever time someone said my name outloud. Most of the time I would just turn red or even purple from embarrassment, the people would comment on my color and it would spring tears to my eyes. Since then I've not turned so many shades of fuschia, but I still am very emotional and I'm 24 about to be 25. My boyfriend said that he doesn't want to marry someone who is 'unhealthy' so I need to figure out what's wrong with me. That just doesn't help. I don't think guys understand that there is probably a chemical imbalance in our brains. I would rather find an exercise or natural ingredient to help me out with this. I refuse to be put on drugs for the rest of my life with this. I'm in charge of me. Not my emotions!

So glad to read all of these responses! The least little thing someone says to me and im in tears. It is so embarrassing. I get embarrassed because I'm crying and cry even more. I don't understand it. Just today a woman got a little huffy with me at work for NO reason. She said someone told her our nursing home would need a copy of a paper so i told her I could make a copy of it. "i dont need a copy of it, i just need to know if u need it." i told her that we put papers like that in the patient's chart. so she picks up her stuff and says shes taking her paper back and that shes done here and walks out. Bring on the tears. She went down the hall and had someone call my office and apologize for her. In the meantime, im in my office with tears streaming down my face for no dang reason. Last week i was trying to tell my coworker something and she says "im not stupid" i said i know that i didnt say u were and she walked out. That one set me off for a long time. I can talk about crying and be completely fine after the fact but it so dang embarrassing. I was talking to my friend who is also a coworker and she told me when someone gets huffy with me to think "f*** u b**** over and over and maybe it wont cry but nothing works. It doesnt matter if im upset or even mad i still cry. What are we supposed to do? I read one post up the wall there that talked about disappointing people and I do think that has something to do with it. I was trying to work after I clocked out one day because were not allowed overtime and the administrator says "you know you can't do that" and i cried for hours after i left work. Has anyone had any success in overcoming this at all? Im seriously thinking about going to a doctor or something.

I always thought I was the only one with this, is very embarrassing just to cry for nothing like today I had to talk to my daughters teacher and I just couldn't tell her anything because my tears starting coming out I really hate it, makes me feel less and stupid my husband makes fun of me all the time because I do that and I don't know how to explain to him that I don't mean it just happens like right know I'm typing this and crying like crazy and I don't know why....Wish there was something to fix this because I can't even go to an interview because I'll cry, I wasn't always this bad i feel that it got worst since I had my daughter but hopefully someone out there that knows how to fix it or help can please let us know

Woah. I'd like to express gratitude to all of you who have shared personal experiences. I am a crier, I cry when I'm stressed/tired/worried. Sleep deprivation contributes to the lack of control of my tears. As some of you said, I get emotional at the doctors (nerves?) and cry when on the phone with service companies. I definitely feel crazy at times, when it seems so inappropriate to well up. I know I have a hereditary serotonin deficiency, on my mothers side. I wonder if most of us are female? I have struggled with anxiety, and yoga and exercise definitely help. I think the healthiest way around the uncontrollable tears is forming new habits and responses to overwhelming, tear-inducing situations. We are strong and we shouldn't be enslaved by this embarrassing chemical response. I wish you all the best, it means so much to know I am not alone.

i get pissed any time i cant get somthing right it frustrates me beond belief my piano teacher just look at me and tell me to look at her and id be so mad at myself for being weak sensitive in my mind i think im going crazy i like hear voices of people saying im weak and sometimes its like in my head theres a huge tv screen everyone watches and makes fun of me i dont understand i feel so sad sometimes im actually crying right now i cant stop only thing that makes me feel better his hitting somthing but thats not nessisarily good. i feel so weak (sorry for the bad spelling) Im angry at myself i damage myself hurt myself physically and verbally nothing works and i get so mad at people i think im going to end up physochotic its like i want to kill everyone i know at some point in my life like is just wished them dead now ill feel bad if any of them die and blame it on myself

I have been crying tears since the second day I was born. The only time that I did not cry at the drop of a hat was when I was on anti-depressants. During that time, I cried only at appropriate times and was easily able to control my tears. I think that we all have some type of chemical imbalance in our brains that triggers us to cry. If someone knows of a natural solution for this, I would love to hear it but I don't want to take anti-depressants again.

I am the same way. If someone raises their voice even a little bit i start crying. Its been this way for a long time and im only 16. If anyone finds anything that will help please share!

OHMYGOSH! I thought I was just some weird person, thats just cried alot: I'm probably younger than all of you..I'm tweleve. I remember in the 3rd grade every time i was asked a question i would cry.i would just cry. and i do it now..like last year My math teacher asked me a question and i knew the answer but i started crying..idk why please help!