I Never Let Them See My Soft Side

Since i was a little kid everyone thought i was tough, yet when in my room i would cry my eyes out. Depression at such a young age of 14 just messed me up more. Any little thing i would run into the bathroom or the room and cry myself to sleep. No one knows i fight depression everyone thinks im this tough person and i just have a bad attitude, i build a wall around myself i can not let anyone close because they will know whats wrong, My boyfriend says i cry too much i get angry and then start crying he does not even know im depressed i act it out so good, when i am about to cry i get angry that he does know about me he knows about my bad temper but he does not know the cause of it, He does not know about my life he never asked and like they say dont ask dont tell. Maybe one day we will talk which i will doubt we just fight we are good at that, when he is at work and the baby is asleep i cry At night i cry myself to sleep the depression is worse but i will fight it for my son who i love tooooooooo much
ConfusedGirl101xxx ConfusedGirl101xxx
18-21, F
May 5, 2012