Except Sad Things.

I don't cry at sad things, a depressing part in a movie? My mind will make the whole thing seem hilarious somehow. Turn to the left and right during a sad movie, tears streaming down their faces, mine? Empty. Funerals? Don't cry then either. A friend falls over, heck, I even laugh. (making sure they are okay, of course.) But when I loose my temper and things break, I turn from anger to sadness and that's when I start crying. I cry over the silliest things, not over sad things, but after I get really angry. I don't get why, I never have. It makes me feel like a heartless person because I don't cry in sad movies (and some are really depressing) but I cry over the stupidest things ever.
B33z B33z
13-15, F
Dec 14, 2012