Wicked Book Store!

Believe me or not but I cried reading a book (!) which is insane I think! It supposed to be one of those easy-to-read-no-special-plot-beach kinda books for bored housewives but I ended up actually sobbing! That is mental! I will not go to the part of the book store where I found that book ever again! That place is wicked!

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3 Responses Jul 28, 2007

lol my sis beats all of us. Me my mum had a big fight once but we ended up crying and hugging. So my sis enters the room, sees us and starts to cry instantly too. When we asked her why, she answered: to keep you a company. :-)

Me...a cartoon movie. My kids think it's hilarious,they spend more time watching my reactions than the movie.

Don't feel bad. I cried watching a comercial! I don't even remeber what it was for, but I cried.