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Most the times i cry over the stupidest things i hate it and sometimes i don't know why. When my dad jokes around's with me and i take it serially and i start crying this sucks i hate my life! I also have anxiety problems too!
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1 Response Jul 29, 2007

sometimes men can be soooo gruff. they are especially gruff when it comes to their daughters. i don't think they do this on purpose, they simply do not know how to be the father you want them to be - they only know how to be the father they know how to be. this means that they aren't as sensitive as we would prefer most of the time. at least you KNOW he's playing with you rather than going on in the belief that he's serious. THAT is a difficult path - thinking they're serious, never fully knowing, etc. your emotions will calm as you get more control over the MDD, as you get to know more about yourself, as you become more confident in who you are, etc.