Once Again But.......(read My Blogs For the Hole Story Thanks

hi all once again we didn't go on our date but i did talked to him n he said that he didn't have the money to come down and i asked him "u want to leave it only or try again? i was looking forward to this and i want to see where it goes." he said "try again." I asked him "do you have any gf'(s) or seeing anyone? and why did u delete my comments about the date?" He said "no and it cuz of your name" Witch is "I'm really happy." that's what i have on myspace. Once again we are going to try this. so this coming Friday we are suppose to go to the park around 6:30-7:00 pm well see if he don't show and stand me up once again I'm done! I was stressing out and i cryed a little cuz of this. I talked to my one friend cuz she called to see if i talked to him and i said yes i told her what was going on and she said "i think he is playing mind games with u i told her will see came Friday if he don't show I'm done." I talked to my other friend and he said the same thing.
wtpoohbear19 wtpoohbear19
26-30, F
Sep 10, 2007