I Can't Control My Tears.....

I am so sensative about almost everything, I have been this way since I was a little girl. I remember it didn't take anything at all to make me cry. I wonder if I am sensative or just super insecure. I feel as if i'm a strong woman but I've had some very unfortunate events happen in my life which have made it hard for me to cope with most situations. I've had people tell me I need to have thicker skin but lately all anyone has to do is look at me wrong and I fall apart. I stay to myself most of the time because I'm embarassed and feel like I have no control. I do battle with bi-polar. My partner is asking me all the time why I can't seem to control my tears and it hurts my feelings even worse, then I really start to cry. I wish I could stop but I seem to have no control over it. I'm sure there are others who can relate to what I'm going through. I could really use a little insight and support

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2 Responses Jun 25, 2009

people too told me that i am very emotional but i found a solution to cry and make everything normal.. But due to time passes by, i realized that i am loosing my reputation in front of dear ones.. So now i felt that i was so wrong and at that time i was so mislead by my love ones which makes me cry more this time.... I really becomes hopeless......... that y i suggest everybody never cry in front of your love ones because they can't understand you after a short span of time and they will take you as for guaranteed....

People always told me I was too sensitive because I cried when I would get upset, even angry about something that was important to me. Then I read a book that made me realize more about myself and re-fr<x>ame how I thought about some events in my life. I don't feel embarrassed that I cry, and I'm more able to save my crying for situations that really deserve it. My husband too, hates to see me cry because he doesn't know how to fix it. My crying makes him feel insecure. Don't take your partner's reaction as a sign that something is wrong with you. People are all different and we have different reactions to situations. Yours may be to get teary, but there's nothing wrong with that.