I Cry Everyday?

Im 15 years old and this past year I went through a lot. My best friend is no longer my best friend, i got my heart broken for the first time. Recently I just broke up with one of the best boyfriends ive ever had. I lost my best friend because i cheated... Im extremely stressed, starting a new school this year i have so much pressure to succeed from my parents. I dont feel like I have anyone, i feel so alone but i dont do anything to change it. I like being separated from my friends most the time, I sleep at least 12 hours a day, when i think of why i sleep so much i usually say its because i love sleeping. Is it so wrong to enjoy it that much? When i sleep i dream and i can be anyone and feel anything i want in my dreams, I'd rather spend most my day sleeping than actually living my life. Im excercising frequently, im so uncomfortable with my body. I have constant anxiety, I always stress out about things that are so far away or might not even happen. I have so many fears, failing, being alone the rest of my life, getting fat again. I dont cry in front of everyone, i walk around like everything is fine and then at night when im alone and everyone is asleep, i cry. I cry hard, i have a feeling of heavy guilt, i feel alone, i feel worthless. This has been going on for several months and when i tried to talk to my mom about it she said i just create my own drama, she thinks i do it because im bored. I just want to sit down with someone who will listen to me :( Whats wrong with me?
mpc127 mpc127
18-21, F
Jul 20, 2010