To Those Who Are Forgotten

In the world many lost souls do roam. As shadows they wander through their day, going places or going nowhere, but forever with steps haunted by their demons. Every now and then the world becomes aware of one of these shadows who briefly solidify, appearing in media, papers, or magazines. By then, the shadows have usually already extinguished, lost in the wind, whisked away from the words that could help them. Now they are merely history, a story soon forgotten to the days that erase their existence and their pain. I cry for these people, the ones without help, the ones who can’t or don’t know how to ask. No single person can save everyone in the world, this I understand, so instead I mourn for them so at least someone somewhere remembers that they once lived, even as shadows.

KibblesNBits KibblesNBits
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

That was wonderful! A beautiful story written by a beautiful soul!