The Sadest Birthday Ever!

so today i turned 21 yeras old, i expected that event to be happier than this! but really my live is miserable ! i am ******* miserable even on facebook i have 300 freinds only 30 of them wished me a happy birthday!! i really don't know why is that but i swear that im good with all the people in this world but im always the one who get hurt in every thing!and what's killing me that the only one i waited him to tell me anyy thing in this day who was supposed to be special to me he didn't even bother him self to think even a bit of that stupid girl who love him with every vains on her body and he dosen't even know hw much i love him!! that stupid love who could destroy any thing ! i just want to know! am i supposed to be criying right know like im doing every night? why am i still crying! i hate every thing and most of all my self why the hell every one that i want dosen't want me back ! why every thing in my live is so complicated! im realy tired of that live and every thing in that world; i don't have any reason to live for ! i never feelt happy im supposed to make a wish in that day when mami gave birth to something stupid and priceless who have a stupid heart who can't live with those selfish heratless people!am i to good t be here! am i t extraordinary to have that good heart who love every body and forgive a lot! i just want to be happy im not asking for the impossible! pleaaaase dear GOD make that wishe came true i just want to be happy tha's all am asking for and even if i dead forgive me pleasee for mybe beeing ungreatful i don't want to cry any more i just want to be happy ! :(((((
eva393 eva393
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013