I cry myself to sleep every night. Everyone is telling me to get over him and I am so much better than him and that he doesn't deserve me. I agree with them, I deserve better. I know I do. But what do I do when I cry myself to sleep every night how do you get over someone that is apart of you. Someone that you have shares each and every component of your life with, someone who was always there for you. I know I need to get over him, we weren't in a healthy relationship but how do I stop thinking about all the memories we had. Everything good. I can't do it and i can't stop crying. I'm afraid and scared. I need someone to be there and tell me its going to be okay. I need someone who understands I need him. All I can think about is if I was this hurt about something and I talked to him everything would be better but now I have no one. He is the first person I have ever been myself around, he was my true love. I can't do this, sometimes I cry myself to sleep not caring if ill wake up in the morning. I don't know what to do im so broken.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

You will be okay. Im going through the same thing right now, its hard when its your first love. But you deserve better, and you will find it. you just have to believe and love yourself first, and know in yourself that you are worthy of something greater! Best to talk to somebody, to see a counsellor psychologist, its helped me. Do something thats going to keep your mind off him, go out talk to friends, dont mention him. When the relationship becomes unhealthy, and you break up, all you think about is the good things. you need to remember and keep telling yourself why it wasnt healthy and why it couldnt have work. Because you need to love yourself first, and be Happy