Alice and Nirvana

There are four songs that made me cry

1. Lips of an Angel by Hinder (i first heard it after i heard my first love committed suicide)

2. Wish you were here by Pink Floyd (when i first heard it)

3. Nutshell by Alice in Chains (when i found out Layne Staley died of a drug OD)

4. Dreaming Neon Black by Nevermore (it reminded of a girl i had fallen for, and lost)

5. You know you're right by Nirvana (whenever i think about how jacked up Courtny Love is, this brings a hate tear to my eye)

6. Learning to fly by Pink Floyd (It is just simply too beautiful for words, so i'll use its words "Suspended animation in a state of bliss." how can't you cry to this?"

7. Be like that by 3 doors down (same girl as Neon Black, it makes me wish i could be in her B.F."s posistion)

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Hey, just wanna say that I'm here and checkin' out your profile again and this story of yours just pop up, so I'm now listening to "wish you were here", very emotional though.

By counting the swells of moisture in my suicide note,<br />
<br />
I'm suprised anyone else knew that poem

well i have a lot things to let out and these songs help

so sad about the first love...i love those first two songs...

I love the first 3 songs you listed and haven't heard the 4th one! By the title I figured you would have listed a song by Nirvana! Any songs by them tear you up? I love something in the way! It doesn't tear me up but it just really gets me thinking!

both that one and the one by the band that originally made it (forget the name) were good, but it didnt do anything for me

Nutshell by Alice in Chains ...... T_T ! Thks Jun

I will listen to all of them now :)

same still

Wish You Were Here tears me up every time I hear it. I have to be careful when creating play lists because if this song comes on and I am in the airport I will bust out crying there just as easily as when I am alone.