I Want It To Stop

I hate crying. I cry for the most stupidest resons in the world. I`m crying even as i`m typing this. I still don`t know why. My thoughts and feelings are all jumbled up all the time. So, i`m crying for everything i guess. Whether it be tears of joy, sadness, or anger. It`s horrible because everyone always thinks something is wrong with me. Those who don`t know me, think i`m always quiet, shy, or have problems. That means they have no idea who I am. it`s not that I care what they think or tell others about me, because i know who I am. I do not cry over others, or even for others. I cry because i know i made a mistake. I cry because i hurt myself. I guess i hurt myself to much.
Smartypants5 Smartypants5
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I feel your pain sweetie. I've been crying everyday for the last 2 years and it's really starting to take its tole on me. I don't look like myself, my eyes are constantly swollen and red. I don't feel like myself and I can't function normally like I used to. What I suggest is talking to someone about it. I know it's hard to do that but once you do you'll start to feel better. Talk to you guidance counselor at school. Talk to a teacher or friend or better yet a doctor who is trained to deal with these things. Find the strength to reach out and you will overcome it.