I Cry Too Much

I cry for whatever little thing, one time I found a little green worm on my shoulder and was playing with it and one of my friends just came and squashed, and I cried, at school! It was embarassing but not hte first time I cried. I cry at EVERY movie, I just HAVE to find the sad part and cry even animated or comedy. There is times when I'm just sitting around and I beggin to cry for no reason. It is just little, short cries though just enough to let like four tears drop, not long cries. But still I always need to carry around a napkin or toilet paper, it is not fun. But I'm not depressed because most of the time I'm super happy.??
LoveMeorDie236 LoveMeorDie236
18-21, F
1 Response May 31, 2007

aww babydoll your just sensitive nothing wrong with that !!! its admirable ...