Gift From the Gods

Sadness, anger, fear, grief, nervousness, joy and relief have all been triggers that instigated me to cry.

“Weeping” due to highly stressed situations has been attributed primarily to humans and other “higher life forms” that have developed an acute sense of self-awareness. But why are we made to feel so undignified and infantile when we cry, (especially for men)? Why must it be only socially acceptable to cry in death or extreme physical harm, when crying is an excellent stress-relieving mechanism?

Why must we restrain choleric feelings, just so “others” are at ease? Are we not essentially going against the fundamental traits of self-preservation; which is compromised of both physical and psychological wellbeing?

So I say "screw cultural taboos and cry whenever you feel like it". There is no shame in demonstrating sorrow or happiness, and if others think it’s a sign of weakness, just gain solace knowing they haven’t received the gift form the God’s of-- tenderness and compassion.

umathena umathena
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 10, 2007

if only crying was that easy for me ... it's something i was programmed not to do as a child for the very reason you wrote about - it being a sign of weakness. there are times i literally have to force the tears. i'm crying on the inside, i'm bawling on the inside but the physiological component is missing or has shutdown for the most part. it's rare that my eyes release a salty discharge without me consciously making an effort to do so. i always feel better after a good 'cleansing.' the tears simply don't come easily despite my compassion for all who surround me ... i think it's a curse!