Maybe it's some kinda tear duct problem?

I cry at work. I shut the door and pretend I'm not there if my boss knocks. I try to listen to music, but I get jealous at happy songs and moody at sad songs. I recently invested in waterproof mascara, a sound shopping decision if ever there was one.
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6 Responses Oct 6, 2006

I cry every time I argue with my husband, even if it's no big deal. I wish I could hide it better.

gah. i was at a coffee shop at about 10pm the other night, and i was going through my text messages and i had to pick up a card board ad for cinnimon rolls and hold it infront of my face to ride the fact that i was about to burst into tears...<br />
which probably looked weirder than it would of if i didnt try to hide it :/

I was downtown yesturday, and I just burst into tears. A woman came up to me and hugged me as asked if I was ok, then I cried more. Darn waterworks I just feel so blue.

Naw, I cry sometimes when I'm in bed trying to sleep!<br />
Is there any reason to why you cry?

I don't have an office... I cry in my car on the way home...

I lock myself in my office to cry sometimes too.