I Cry Too Much. Literally.

When I was young, I thought crying was just something natural

because I was a kid..

and kids aren't really tough on holding back feelings.

I would cry and cry.

When I feel a song is sad, I'd cry.

When I heard, read, thought of a say story I'd cry.

I would cry because someone I know is sad or crying too.


And then, I'm older now.

I shouldn't be crying for every little thing, but I do.

When I feel angry, stressed, or depressed, I can't hold it back.

No matter what I do... my eyes are like a flooding faucet.


When I fight with my boyfriend I start crying, too.

And I can't get my eyes to stop crying until he says "sorry",

and even if he does, the word "sorry" suddenly sounds too depressing and I cry more.

Like.. I think this is hell annoying, I can't imagine how annoying it would be for my boyfriend.


Does anyone know how to fix a crying problem?

Am I mentally unstable and need therapy?... Gosh...

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22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

U are stable my dear, there is nothing wrong with u, some people just cry a bit more than others. Pls, pls, dont be hard on urself. Crying is normal and in some ways its a very good way of relieving stress.<br />
<br />
Good luck

I see nothing wrong with crying as it helps to get emotions out instead of bottling them up inside.Maybe you have bottled things up and that's your body's way of releasing the pain.<br />
Anyway..just go with it and feel what you feel at that time..your not crazy!

It's a release. But you seem to be crying a lot. Are you a sensitive person or keep everything inside? Have you considered a possible hormonal problem. I started crying alot six years ago during a family tragedy and hadn't stopped until I found out last thanksgiving that I had a cyst (the size of a volleyball)on my ovary and a twisted fallopian tube. Had surgery and haven't cried much since. Consider talking to your gyn?