It's What I Do!

Sure, when I am sad, I cry. But that's an obvious reason to cry. I also cry when I am frustrated, angry, deeply touched, or when Philip makes me laugh too hard! LOL! Yes, even laughing will spring the tears! :-D

So, I try to tell others to not get too worried when I cry. The hurtful tears are the only serious ones. And in person, those are easy to spot, as my voice get heavier and pitiful sobs always escape me. I sound and feel like a dying soul... not pretty. Those are the tears to look out for! But the frustration tears and the ones of anger, that's just an relief valve of emotion. People should worry more, if I am highly stressed or angry, and I'm NOT crying! That means that I'm about to EXPLODE and then have a nervous breakdown. Seriously. :-/

And as for tears with laughing, it a sign that you're an comedic genius! Because only the best ones can do that! ;-)

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Mar 21, 2009