Animal Shelter

i went with my family and was crying to tears and everyone around me saw it happen.
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Why did you go to the shelter?

thank you for sharing that with me. yes im a very empathic person and with animals. it made me smile to read this. I tried animal shelter but sometimes they are too busy to need help where i am and all the emergency stuff.

Animal shelters is one thing and so is what is happening right in front of you. I see one beautiful greyhound after the other offered free to Good home.This is just as bad. What I did was put an idea about saving them into action. I alerted others to their particular plight and its working so far six or seven greyhounds have been placed in loving homes or rescues thanks to this alert. I am there for the greyhounds as much as I can be. I have got three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet of my own so I am filled to the rafters. However there are others out there who can still make a diffrence for these nobel athletes. You can do the same for shelter dogs and thus make a diffrence for them maybe some of them will get a forever home worthy of them.Alert others voulenteer at your local shelter adopt a dog or two when you are ready for it and can provide a good forever home for them.