This Is The Saddest Story, I Will Ever Write.

Today, possibly has to be the worst possible day in the history of my 24 years of existence. I lost the trust of a friend, and have become heartbroken for it, I almost stood-up some friends because I fell asleep, the bank called me about some credit-card dispute because my online banking is all screwed up, and then while driving home, not concentrating on the road...

I hit a cat.

I hit a cat with my car, and I killed it.
I didn't see it, it was a dark grey cat... I wasn't paying attention... and then I heard it. I got out of the car... I just committed murder. I was so shocked, that I just climbed in my car, and I didn't do anything, I just sat there, hands on the steering wheel. I didn't even cry at first. I started back up the car, drove home as fast as I could, and then it all sank in when I got home.

I am in tears. I just want this day to end. I want to wake up, and all of this be a nightmare... but I know it's real. I ****** everything up today. I've ****** up everything.
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I know you have said in other comments that you are a bible following christian. Can I offer you some alternative reading that my help you make some sense of your situations in life? Might make them a little bit easier to deal with.

Oh Jesus...I am hurting too Dale..I couldnt stop crying last night. I am torn about this.

I don't know the circumstances of whatever happened.. But I know you're a good guy Dale. And "good" is not really a concept I like using but for lack of anything better I'll just stick with that for now. As bad as things are right now I doubt you could ever "ruin everything."