It Breaks My Heart

I don't know how anyone could be so cruel, I've read and heard about so much animal cruelty its not funny, my friend said that her aunt rescued a cat from two men who were throwing it back and forth while their dog watched, I feel like hurting them, and by hurting them I mean messing them up badly.

I can't imagin that happening to my cat, if anyone ever hurt my cat, I will without a doubt find them and make them sorry for every laying eyes on him!

18-21, F
1 Response Jan 22, 2010

I see what you mean. It makes me cry too. I love animals so much and i hate to see them hurt. These are god creatures and he loves them dearly. i meet some guys who think cats are like footballs that they can kick everywhere. i would hurt someone who try to kill my cat too. we will pray to stop animal abuse. i will pray for you and your cat too.