I Cry Over a Tv Show

This show is about people who seek out people who are in desparate need of a house makeover. What they would do is send in a video of themselves and their house and explain why they should be picked for a housemakeover. A lot of these people are not selfish, they want to make whoever is around them as comfortable as they can and some work and work to make it happen without any regard to how tired they are. Also, a lot of them can't afford to remodel so that's why they are asking for help. Some of the stories are so sad to where I wish I could do something to help. But in the end result, once they see their new home, their expression on their faces and their reactions  are priceless! There's tears of joy. I try to convince myself before I watch the show that I'm not going to cry. I couldn't watch the show with anyone, I would be too embarassed.

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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

the episode with the girl that had cancer and wanted to remake the hospital instead of her house got me