Crying's Good For You..

My boyfriend has been avoiding and ignoring me these past few days and I haven't been able to shake it off because I really do love him, no matter what anyone says about it. I love him with all my heart. There isn't anything that I wouldn't do for him, but recently he's told me that he likes someone else: Nina [lets call her that]. He's also said that if he wanted to, he'd cheat on me with her, but I walked right into that because I asked since we were playing a game of just Truth. I cried for more than two hours. I cried all night. My heart was sinking to the ground. I just wanted to rip it out so that I wouldn't feel anything for him anymore, but I couldn't shake it so easily. I can't stand feeling like this but I don't want to lose him because c'mon, who's ACTUALLY friends with their exes? I love him, I can feel it, but he's killing me right now. He doens't look at me the same, instead his eyes wander off to Nina whenever she walks by and it hurts me to the bone. Even in school, when we sit next to each other and he starts to stare at her, my eyes start to swell and the tears are so close to coming out but I always bite them back before they can jump start something that involves way too much drama for me so I cry. I let it all out at night so I don't have to let it out during the day. But crying is good for you and it rejuvinates your mind sometimes..

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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

You're right, Crying is good for you. It's o.k. to be an emotional person.<br />
It's not o.k. however, for any man to treat you like that! I understand that you don't want me to disrespect him in any way, because you love him so much.<br />
But he isn't showing much respect to you is he? <br />
If my man was like that, i'd dump him. What is so special about this nina? that he has to treat you this way.<br />
If i was you, I'd tell him where to stick his relationship and find someone else!<br />
He isn't worth it. You deserve so much better, anyone deserves 10 times better than that!<br />
Do you really want to live your life looking over your shoulder just because you're worried that he likes other people better? you deserve to be in a relationship where a bloke only has eyes for you! and one day, you'll find him. <br />
i know it's hard to let go of the one you love. and it will be hard. but believe me, it'll be easier to leave him and hurt badly for a while, than stay with him and hurt every day! <br />
i know i sound extremely harsh. But i'm speaking from experience.<br />
i was with a man who was my world! he wanted someone else. and as soon as i found out the truth. i left him. and as much as it hurt at the time, i don't regret it. because now i've found someone who won't look at another woman! he even keeps his opinions about celebs to himself if he has any.<br />
you'll find someone like that one day.