Cuckolds Who Receive Beatings Regularly

As a submissive cuckold who has been in numerous relationships with dominant women over the years , I can attest to the many benefits of being beaten soundly by the woman in your life , her friends and acquaintances or her lovers. Ongoing and frequent maintenance beatings can really improve the dynamics of a cuckold relationship ; first and foremost , they give the relationship a more authentic and genuine feel. They also allow the woman , her friends and boyfriends an opportunity to work off their frustrations ; if they've had a rough day or things just didn't go well for them , they can take out their anger and aggression on the hapless cuckold by tanning his hide. Frequent beatings also help keep the cuckold docile and obedient ; one of the main personality traits a cuckold must have is the strong and overriding desire to put everyone else's wants , needs and preferences ahead of his own. As a celibate , sexually frustrated cuckold wimp , I derive my fulfillment by obtaining sexual satisfaction vicariously through the tremendous pleasure my domme's boyfriend experiences when he's making love to her. Just imagining the delightful sensations he's feeling along the length of his throbbing , twitching penis when he's climaxing inside her drives me absolutely crazy with jealousy and desire. If this same lucky guy wants to thrash my bare bottom with the three foot rattan cane my domme keeps on her mantlepiece expressly for that purpose before they have sex , it's my duty as a submissive cuckold to raise my bottom into position and be grateful for his attention. No matter how painful and embarrassing my beatings may be , there can be no doubt they have improved my overall behavior and disposition and made me a better person. I know some guys will say that being flogged by another person is taking things too far , that they're satisfied with just the act of being cuckolded without being beaten. My philosophy is that as a submissive cuckold , you can never receive enough humiliation. Being beaten in front of other people is especially humiliating , and I derive tremendous fulfillment from being soundly thrashed when my domme is having company ; for maximum shame , this is best accomplished by being beaten by her boyfriend , with other men watching. Any embarrassing scenario is always more degrading when other males are involved , and beatings are no exception. The benefits I've received from being beaten have been substantial , and I wholeheartedly recommend other cuckolds add this element of subservience to their repertoire of activities. Another way being beaten can enhance a relationship is if you're fortunate enough to have a domme with a sadistic boyfriend ; if he is aroused by the act of beating you as an element of foreplay , you can count on being thoroughly flogged regularly when he's preparing to make love to the woman of your dreams. After he's beaten your bare *** into a welted masterpiece , you'll be able to savor the contrast of the rapture he's enjoying while ******* your beautiful Queen and the painful condition of your freshly thrashed buttocks. One woman I dated for a time would get so turned on seeing me being beaten that she would actually negotiate having me whipped by her prospective lovers. When she was out club hopping , if she met a guy she liked , she would tease him repeatedly , promising him a night of hot , passionate sex if he would agree to administer a severe caning to her wimpy cuckold slave's bare buttocks and thighs. If she was successful in finding a willing stud , I'd get a call from her late at night with instructions to come over immediately , or to pick the two of them up from the club. When we arrived at her place , she would tease the guy unmercifully and rub his **** , telling him all the while how good the sex was going to be if he gave me a really good caning. After both he and I were so horny we were ready to explode , I would be ordered to go fetch the cane , kneel in front of him and beg him to wear my bottom out. She would have the guy alternate using the cane with a belt or riding crop ; by the time he was finished , my well beaten backside would be welted and on fire. I would be ordered to wait in the living room for their next command or made to accompany them to her bedroom and service them orally ; by licking their feet , sucking the stud's **** or french kissing his ******* while he ****** her. If he stayed all night , she often instructed him to beat me several more times before their subsequent lovemaking sessions. I've served at parties dressed in lingerie , a maid's apron and stockings , wearing a long blonde wig and full make up , playing waitress for my domme's guests and being whipped by various people throughout the evening. She would hold caning contests , telling her guests there was a cash prize for whomever could give me the hardest , most entertaining beating. The winner would usually be determined by how much I squirmed during the beating. I can honestly day that I'm a better person and more obedient , attentive and respectful slave today as a result of the beatings I've received over the years. I hope other dominant women will start beating their cuckold slaves , or better yet , have their stud boyfriends do so. I also hope any cuckold slaves who read this letter will take the initiative and ask to be beaten. You'll probably be surprised by the positive effect frequent beatings will have on your relationships.
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Hmm,well there are a few factors to consider.Does he need regular beatings? Does she find enjoyment from giving the beatings? Does he deserve regular beatings? Too many of you judge without knowing all the details.Honestly,you shouldn't judge anyway.As long as it is by consent and doesn't affect you,why comment negatively.

I was never submissive nor did I have any submissive tendencies,until I met a woman and started dating.A month into the relationship,she began her mission of breaking me down,putting me in my place and began training me.It started with a series of rapid,very hard face slaps and transitioned into whipping,kicking,punching,etc., all the while laying down the ground rules.My "introduction" lasted approx 12 hours or so,at which time I was in total sub space.Every single time that I was in her presence,I was physically abused/disciplined,for about a month as she trained me.After that,it was greatly reduced,but never disappeared,as she actually enjoyed doing it and didn't want me getting "too comfortable".Of course,if I displeased her,it was a method she sometimes used.

I think we have a lot in common. I would dread but get excited about being beaten by my wife's bf especially if it was in front of a group of friends of both genders. The humiliation of having to ***** naked and ask for the beating in front of others would arouse my wife. If you want to talk more I am at

I would REALLY like to talk things over with you. it sounds like we have a whole lot in common. Can you email me at PLease

I agree it is more humiliating being degraded in front of males especially being dressed in female clothes and having an obvious erection.