Scene #19: My Wife And The Big Boss

When a woman spreads her legs, particularly an attractive woman, men talk and she gets a reputation, it's to be expected. One of the hotels where she was often sent to work banquets was a training ground for supervisors and she was passed around among several low level supervisors. Eventually one of the big bosses decided to get in on the action.

This man was not married. He was a high level executive. She had never even noticed him before he made the first move on her. Most men are at-least polite, they engage in kissing and foreplay. Some want to take her out or spend the night. Not this man. He was controlling from the start. Sex between them began almost immediately but it was what she called, "quick and dirty f***ing." He would take her to a secluded place somewhere in the hotel and have her suck him off or f*** her. It was always and only what he wanted. One time she got down in front of him and reached to open his pants to suck him off but he wouldn't let her. He pushed her down on her back, pulled up her dress, pulled off everything from the waist down and roughly f***ed her. After that he got up and said for her to go back to work as he left. He would have her go to his house but when he was finished with her he wanted her to leave. Obviously he cared nothing at all about her, it was all about his pleasure and nothing more. He was treating her like a wh***, just not paying for it.

For her part she liked getting used by a man who was in such a powerful position. She always said she liked a man to take what he wants and that's exactly what this man was doing.

One night she came home and said he had a tree in his back yard he wanted cut down and hauled off. She volunteered me for the job on the grounds that we could use the fire wood. One other thing; while I worked on the tree she would be in his house getting f***ed. What did I think of that? At first I thought this is being treated like a servant or even a slave. Then I got a hard on thinking about being outside doing his work while he was inside f***ing my wife. I'll do it.

We got to his house at a specific time. He was not home. It wasn't much of a tree and wouldn't be much real work. My wife was dressed like she planned to help and in fact did work on loading the wood into the truck until he came home. Without a word she quit working and walked off toward him. He didn't even glance in my direction. No kiss or any other apparent greeting between them, they just went in the house. I'll bet the door was locked. She had shown me which window was the bed room. I kept looking at it every few seconds. I wish I had told her to appear in the window naked so I would see her naked in his bed room. Maybe she would think to do it, maybe he would have her do it to show me he had my nude wife. Nothing, the curtains never moved. I already had the tree cut up before he got there but I started the chain saw and cut some more anyway. I wanted him to be f***ing a married woman while he could hear her husband working in his back yard.

Job finished, wife still in there with his d*** in her. Eventually she came out. She had a big dark love bite on her neck. When she kissed me I could taste his c*m. I wonder if he was watching her kiss her husband knowing he had just c*m in her mouth? She held the details until we got home and in bed. He had f***ed her as soon as he got her naked, shooting his load after only s few strokes. She sucked him and he shot another load in her mouth. He shot two more times in her pu*sy mixed with times of her sucking him. Previously he had shot usually once and twice at the most. F***ing my wife with me right outside must have really turned him on.

That was the last time he ever f***ed her, he never even spoke to her again. I could think of more scenarios in which I could have given him my wife, surely he could have. Maybe he became afraid of a sexual scandal, you know, the executive and a waitress. That could cost him his position. Maybe he just lived out his fantasy. What ever it was I was a little sorry it ended, there was a lot more fun to have been had.
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Was his **** bigger than yours? Did your wife tell you that he lasted much longer than you? Very hot story

Very hot