Scene #20: My wife and One Of My Neighbors

I hope you read the story about my wife at the garage. This one dates from that time also. We live in a rural area, our nearest neighbor is about an eighth of a mile away. This one particular neighbor wasn't in on the fun at the garage but knew about all the men doing my wife and coming to our house while I was at work.

One day he was driving by our house and saw my wife outside. He stopped and called her over. He got right to the business of telling her what he knew which she never denied. She had actually talked to me about wanting to f*** this man anyway. As they talked he reached out and hooked a finger in her bra between her t*ts and pulled her through the car window. He kissed her and put a hand inside her bra cup. I asked her what she did. She said, "I kissed him back and let him feel." Then I said, "I guess you two wound up in here in bed." She said no, he didn't have time, there was someplace he had to be and just couldn't put off. She promised me she would f*** him another time though.

Another time came only a day or two later. She watched for his wife to drive up the road on her way to work and the school bus to take his kids and ours off. She knew he was there alone. She put on one of her favorite "f*** me" out fits, black long sleeved button front shirt (no bra), cut-off jean short shorts (no panties) and high heels. With the shirt about half unbuttoned, she walked down the road to his house.

At that point in her story I had to ask if she wasn't concerned about someone driving by and seeing her dressed like that? She said she thought about it and decided she didn't care.

Before knocking on his door she unbuttoned the shirt to her waist but just open enough to show skin all the way down, no t*t. His eyes got big, along with something else when he opened the door. They talked about the men he'd noticed coming and going. He told her about her reputation he had heard about. Then she made him want to kick himself when she told him about how long all this f***ing had really been going on. She reminded him of a time several years ago when a group of us had been out to a bar that had a dance band. We used to do a lot of that. She reminded him how she let him hold her close when dancing and how when she had drank a little too much he filled his hands with her t*ts when helping her into our car. He remembered. She told him she really wasn't that drunk, knew what he was doing all the time and he could have had her then if he had gone on and done it. Other men did in those days, he could have too.

I remember that night. I told him I saw what he did, it was alright and he could play with her all he wanted. I embarrassed him greatly by saying that. He didn't want me to know about this now so we let him have his fantasy that he was f***ing an unfaithful wife behind her husband's back.

After the small talk he took her in his arms and kissed her with his hands going inside her open shirt. He kissed her t*ts and sucked her nipples. I asked, "what did you do?" She said, "I let him of course. That's what I was there for." He opened her jean shorts to play with her p*ssy. Soon they were walking down the hall to his bed room, both t*ts exposed through the open shirt and jeans open to show the dark bush of hair on her pu*sy. He undressed while watching her. She shrugged her shoulders and the shirt dropped to the floor. She wiggled her hips and and pushed the jeans down, they fell to her feet and she stepped out. She paraded around the room for him to see her walk naked. When his clothes were off she crawled onto his bed and kicked off the high heels.

At that point in her story she asked me one of her taunting questions, "how do you like knowing that while you were at work your wife was parading around naked for another man to see and laying naked in another man's bed for him to f***?" Naturally I told her I loved it.

He told her he had fantasized about f***ing her for years as he pushed his d*** into her pu*sy. He had about 6 inches. I wish it had been more for her now that she was f***ing a man just down the road.

She walked back to our house in her "f*** me" outfit. No cars passed either time but they could have.

He f***ed her again in our bed a couple days later. As time went on he not only f***ed her but introduced her to other men as well. I think he probably bragged to everyone who would listen about the hot looking married woman he was f***ing.
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Sep 17, 2012