Scene #21: My Wife Caught By Police - Naked

After work one night my wife had a guy she worked with drive her to where she had left her car. She kissed him goodnight, then unbuttoned her blouse to her waist and kissed him again. That time he got his hands busy and before long she was out of all her clothes with his pants down and ready to f*** her when a cruiser pulled up. When the cop came over to the car, the guy she was with already had his pants up.

As she related this story to me, she asked if I remembered the time when we were dating and the police caught us naked in a car and she tried to cover up? I did remember. She said this time she didn't. She sat there naked and let the cop shine his flashlight up and down her body all he wanted. He asked her name, address and phone number. He did the whole interview without telling her to get dressed. At long last he did tell her to get dressed and go.

That same cop pulled her over a few times but did nothing but flirt with her. He was probably thinking about f***ing her. She really wished he had. Me too. At least he saw her naked.
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Probably won't happen. In this sue happy society he is right not to open that door. If ur wife propositions him, and it is caught on his dash cam then she is liable for prosecution for bribery. So if she wants to **** him. Find out his shift, talk to him away from any police cruiser, and set up a roll play if she wants. From a retired cop.