Scene #22: Bringing A Man Home

Back when I began to share her everything was done at home with me in on it. After giving her permission to do anything a single woman can do whether I'm around or not her exploits became mostly away and without my involvement, I only heard the story from her. From time to time she would bring a man home. She said she liked for me to see how she enjoyed herself with men and how men enjoyed her. Sometimes she would tell me about a man who wanted her to leave me for him. She wanted me to know she could have another man any time. At these times I was permitted and even encouraged to watch but not participate in any way. I may be naked or clothed. I may stroke my own d*** but that would be all of my sexual activity until the man was gone.

This is how one time went. It was pretty late at night, I had the sofa-bed in the living-room pulled out laying on it watching television and waiting up for her. When I saw the headlights in the drive and looked out there were two cars. My d*** began to rise because I know what two cars meant.

When she brought a man home she would have already explained to him that her husband would be there but not a problem. She brought him in and introduced us. She told me they'd had sex previously but wanted to do it here tonight. I didn't need to be told, I could see by the way they acted that I was in the way. I went into the dining room and sat at the table. The dining room was dark and the living-room dimly lit. I could see everything but I was out of the way and invisible.

She sat in the big chair and him on the edge of the sofa-bed. After some small talk which I couldn't hear she just casually started to unbutton her blouse. When it was open to her waist she kicked off her shoes, stood up and opened her jeans. He was pretty much mirroring her moves. She pushed her jeans down and off then dropped her blouse and took off her bra. Then my nearly nude wife kissed him and crawled onto the bed. He was down to his underpants when she laid down. He took hold of her panties and she lifted her a*s so he could take her panties off, then his came off. His d*** was a good stiff between 6 to 7 inches. She always made sure the man she brought home was bigger than me but at 5 inches a bigger man is not too hard to find. They acted completely alone, kissing and their hands all over each other. I never tire of seeing my wife and another man naked and in bed together,her hand on his d*** and his hands touching every intimate part of her body. I love it when she rolls onto her back and spreads her legs for him. I love to see him mount her and put his d*** in her pu*sy.

Men have told me they like to f*** my wife because she doesn't just lay there like some women do. When a man f***s her, she f***s back. She will hook her ankles behind his knees and pull herself up to meet his thrusts. She is a wild f*** with a lot of kissing and squealing and telling him, "f*** me" and on and on it goes.

When he's dressed, she usually won't put on more than her panties. She says it's sexier to wear a little something than it is to wear nothing, it keeps the c*m from running down her legs and if a man wants more he can always take panties back off again. She will walk him out to his car like that. Sometimes she gets f***ed again in the back seat of my car before the guy leaves.

When she comes back in I can have the sloppy seconds. That's the best time to f*** her there is. I love to eat her pu*sy and think not only of the d*** that was just in her but of all the other d***s that have been in her.

I know my wife is very promiscuous, I don't want her any other way.
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Sep 18, 2012