Forced To Find Men For Her

My wife has always been very demanding and aggressive. I guess I have become what my friends call ***** whipped. A couple of years into our marriage I noticed that friends I used to hang out with where ignoring me, even the couples. I was also getting suspecious about her. She was beginning to spend time with her girlfriends, you know girls nights out?
One night she got all dressed up, way too sexy for just a few drinks with her girlfriends so before she left I told her I had to run to the auto parts store for some oil. I waited for her to leave and followed her very carefully. She went to one of her girlfreinds house and switched cars! I knew there was something going on, I was scared to find out what but I had to know.
Our sex life had dwindled to nothing by this time. It was great for the first year or so then she seemed to lose interest. I knew she had an exciting sex life before me but I thought that was over and she was ready to settle down, guess I was wrong! I also knew that she was a bit dissapointed in my sexual ability and I am a bit smaller than she was used to. She had told me about her last boyfriend who by her discription was huge.
She drove straight over to one of my best friends house! I was shocked, that was the reason he was avoiding me! I had known this guy for years, he had even been in our wedding. I sat there and watched as he opened the door for her, pulled her close and kissed her. I thought the would do it right there by the way they where going at it but they went inside and closed the door.
I felt like throwing up and almost called her cell. Then I remembered that I had a key to his house, he had asked me to look things over and water last year when he was on vacation. I fumbled in the glove box and there it was, taped to a piece of paper. I would regret later that I didn't give it back sooner.
I got up and walked to his door, my legs where like rubber and my heart was pounding. My hands shook so hard I could barely get the key in the door. I stopped as it turned, wondering if I should just go home and confront her when she came home. Just then I heard music coming from his back yard, his famous hot tub, the one he bragged about "bagging" so many women in!
I opened the door and went in. He has a big sliding door that overlooks the hot tub and there she was, naked and sipping wine! I could hear him in the kitchen so I hid in a spare room that has a view of his tub. I peeked out and watched as he brought her more wine and they kissed. He dropped his towel and out popped the reason he had "bagged" so many women. It was big, much bigger than I was and rock hard even as he was sitting down on the edge of the tub. It waved back and forth a bit as he sat down and her eyes followed it. She immediatly grabbed it and started sucking like she was nursing, trying to drain his milk.
I should have stopped this but I also knew confronting him was not the best idea. He was much bigger, stronger and had a reputation of being mean. So like a ***** I crept out, too scared to do anything. As I walked past the sliding door I looked and she had gotten on top of him, I had a clear view of his enormous **** filling my wifes *****.
I guess a real man would have at least walked out and told her what a cheating **** she was and I was going home to pack her things. That is what a real man would have done, I crawled out while a good friend was banging my wife too scared to do anything.
I almost was too upset to drive home and I still don't remember the trip. I do remember opening a bottle of Jack and then not much else. I woke up the next morning and ran to the bathroom to puke. It seemed like it was all a dream, maybe it was just that. I had passed out fully clothed in my bed, the empty bottle laying next to me.
I looked around, it seemed like she had not even come home? I found my phone and there was a message, she had called and said she had gotten too drunk at her girlfriends and was going to stay the night. I could hear music in the background and knew it was his. I bet he was sitting right next to her, or she was sitting on top of him riding his **** while making excuses to me.
I was so hung over I could do nothing but lay in the tub. I looked at myself, I had let my body go and decided maybe it was time to start working out again but there was nothing I could do about my penis size, or was there? I heard her come in and pulled on a robe. She took one look at me and shook her head and said "So, you follow me to your friends house, watch us together and all you are man enough to do is come home and get drunk?"
I was dumbfounded. You know he only pretends to be your friend so he can bang any woman you are with? He ****** your last girl that one night you got drunk and passed out on his porch? That is the reason she left you, once she found out what a good lover was like she just was not going to be satisfied with you!
I sat down, more like fell down. My head was spinning from the Jack and what she was saying. She went on to tell me that she had ****** a couple of my other friends over the years, one a week after we where married. She said that was the only way she could handle having to have sex with me. She said my equipment was only a tease, too small to really feel and way to small to satisfy!
I guess I was crying by then which just made her meaner. She began to tell me in detail about all of her affairs. It was sickining, and to make it worse just about everyone knew about her ******* around, even the guys I worked with. I guess she had slipped away at a company party and gave my boss a blow job, as she puts it she wanted to make sure I kept my job!
It wasn't the first or last time she saw him and explained that was the reason I had so many business trips the year before so they could laugh at me when they where having sex.
She also told me I had two options, move out and lose my job which of course she would be able to get done. Or I could just leave things as they where. She also said something about no women would want me anyway. I had to agree.
She showered and dressed in clothes that told me she was going to spend a day with a man. I must have looked like a puppy watching his master leave for the day not knowing when or if she would be coming back. As she was about to walk out the door she looked at me and said, oh yeah, you know that buddy of yours from Las Vegas? I want to **** him, call him up and set it up or get out!
She laughed and drove off leaving me totally humilated and broken. I pulled out some beer even though it was only noon and after three or six I looked up and called my "friend" from Las Vegas. He was a player, the kind of guy that has women hanging on him all the time. I knew he wanted to **** my wife from the moment they met so I had not kept in touch.
I told him my wife had some business there and asked if he could show her around? I said I could not go but wanted her to be safe. I could tell by his voice he was already planning on seducing her. As I hung up I realized that I had lost any self respect, any illusion that I was a man. She had skinned me like a deer and left me to hang on a hook. I finished the rest of the beer and decided to call her.
She answeared with a what do you want? I told her it was set up, just needed to know when she wanted to go? I could hear her laughing, telling someone that I had actually done it! Then came the laughter of women and her telling me that I was truly the poorest excuse for a man she had ever met. She hung up but I could still hear the laughter, the taunts of her friends for a long time.
Well, that is how I became a cuckold. Not by choice but forced into it by a demanding, sex crazed wife. She and I have not had sex in years. She tells me I make her skin crawl. She does sometimes allow me to ********** in her presense but I only get 60 seconds to finish. Not that it take me that long because I only get to do it once a week. All the other time I am locked in a chastity belt. Of course she has the key.
She comes home sometimes and makes me lick her *****, not because she likes it but only to let me know some other guy had dumped his *** in her. She laughs afterwards, and goes up to her room. I am living in the guest room so when she brings a man over I am not in the way.
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Hot! Thanks for sharing

My ex had several boyfrinds while we were married, and she delighted in letting me know how much she enjoyed real men having her