Scene #58: All Of My Wife's Vriginities Were Taken By Other Men

Her pus*y virginity was taken by her first boyfriend when she was 13. He was also the first diick she sucked although she said he didn't shoot c*m in her mouth.

My friend Charley was her first extramarital sex. (I might add that I watched him make her pregnant.) I walked into the bed-room one night to see her standing bent over by the bed, her upper body supported by her out-stretched arms, her eyes big, mouth open, t*ts dangling and him standing behind her fuucking her in the a*s for her first time. He took her a*s virginity and was the first to c*m in her a*s too.

I watched him fuucking her in the mouth from only inches away. He was the first to shoot c*m in her mouth. She kissed me on the lips with his c*m in her mouth then she swallowed it. Obviously his was the first c*m she swallowed.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Your wife sounds a lot like my wife. She lost her mouth virginity to her oldest brother when she was 8 or 9. He came in her mouth and she swallowed.