Scene #65: Fuucked At The VFW Hall

My wife left a message for me to pick her up at the VFW hall. That was unusual, we hadn't been there since a new years eve party a couple years before. I went down stairs where the bar was. Two patrons at the bar and bar tender. I told the bar tender I was looking for my wife and told him her name. He said he'd tell her I was looking for her if he saw her. I went up stairs, looked around, didn't see her and went back down. When the bar tender saw me he (pointing) said, "she's in that door over there."

I went over and opened the door. She was kissing a man, her back to the door, skirt all the way up and his hands on the cheeks of her panty covered a*s. She just looked back and said for me to go out to the bar and have something, she'd be out in a while.

I went to the bar and asked for a Budweiser. The bar tender set it up and said it was on the house. The minutes passed by. More than ten; they were no doubt fuucking. The bar tender and the other two patrons had to know it too. They knew it when I came in the first time. Almost 15 minutes when they came out. She sat on the bar stool next to me with the man on the other side. They sat there talking about their plans to meet the next day, like I wasn't there. She said she was ready to go, they stood up and kissed. It wasn't a short friendly kiss either. Then we left.

I asked her what happened in there. She said, "he fuucked me, what do you think happened?" Later, in bed I was getting his sloppy seconds with her whispering in my ear the details of how they met and how good his diick felt in her. She said, "tomorrow he's going to be right here in your bed fuucking your wife. Think about that while you're at work."
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Very hot!

**** that catching my wife *******......

I would love to hear more about what has happened since. I hope you were eventually invited into a *********!