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Traditionally people will hide and sneak around their kids, we think that is the wrong way to do it. We have taken a completely different approach and it has been working wonderfully for us.
We have a daughter 15 years old, and two boys 17 and 11 years old. My wife has a regular lover now (Eric) for over 6 years, and along with other regular lovers (Shane) and (Rod) for the past 3 and 4 years respectively. She sees Eric on average about twice per week, sometimes more, and Shane and Rod on average about twice per month each. All three men are much better endowed than I am and my penis has been retired and locked with the occasional reminders on important dates.
We decided a long time ago to not have the secrective lifestyle that usually comes along with cuckolding. Whilte we do not broadcast it to the entire world, we prefer to have our closest friends and family know about our lifestyle. We are very blunt: if you love us and see that we are happy then you will be happy for us. If you don’t then that is your choice. For the most part our closest friends and family have come to accept it and somewhat support us. It has always been my responsibility to explain our lifestyle to the people that we choose. I have to admit that those conversations are often diffucult for me, as the questions arise “why”, to which my wife prefers that I answer “because it turns us both on and because they can safisty her in ways that I cannnot”.
Since young, we have been very carefuyl to raise our kids with the understanding and acceptance that Mommy has “very special friends”. They know that we are extremely happy, I think once they see how happy we are then they are also well adjusted, confident and comfortable. That is very important to us.
Eric visits our home. Has dinner with us (taking the seat at the head of the table) or takes my wife out on their date. Shane and Rod do the same, however not as often. They do not act lewd or sexual around our kids, it is just a nice relaxing time. They know that Mommy is dressing special for her “very speical friends”, in clothes only reserverd for Eric, Shane and Rod and they are fine with that. Eric openly kisses and hugs my wife in our presence and again our kids are well adusted to it. We have a “Mommy first” attitude in our home that works very well.
I know this is not the ideal answer for everyone, but for us it works very well. With careful guidance and understanding then I think it is possible for this to work well in a family situation and for the kids to adjust well to it, like ours have. I do think that is should be the husbands duty to explaint things to any family or friends.
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My parents are open about their lifestyle too

As in this or different stuff?

I think it s the right choice . Honesty , and we are all sexual , children's too at this age .

I love your life style
I would love to learn more about this

i admire your style. cuckolding is not a simple game that you play for a limited time.. its a whole life style.. since you feel the effects of it in every little seconds of your life its much better if kids and parents knows it.. its also great permanent accept telling family this style and reorganize all life for this style.. wifes lover might come and stay home and kiss, hug, rub wifey infront of kids.. its very important for me that wifey and her lover must make love in our regular bed. because i d love to sleep in that mess right after their fuccking .. i d love to feel their smell, salty wetness, her lovers remaining hairs all around me.. its like a pray for me

We came to the lifestyle late. My daughter was old enough to figure it out herself and my bull was her first. Today, our immediate family know and respect our decisions.

Although nothing like that happened to me it is good your bull was your daughter's first rather than some kid that knew nothing.

nice to know that ur bull was her first ,but how u fell about it

I admire your openness and honesty with your children and family.

I appreciate that you shared this. I'm new to EP but I hope to find more posts like this and people to talk with about this because its one of the things that we still struggle with as parents of two young kids. We don't have the ability to be open with family and friends but we go back and forth on how best to handle things when our kids get older. Let's face it, it takes a lot of energy just to be parents, work and still connect with each other and make time for the sexual pleasures we enjoy.

I would love to learn more about this

To each their own. I will defend your right to live this life style. However, I am sorry, but I think that is horrible. I hope your children turn out ok, only time will tell.

That sounds wonderful, and appropriate. Mine is so small it does not even penetrate my wife, so we also decided early on to do the same. Our children know and support it and the term cuckold is used and they know what it means. When younger there were a few times when they told friends that I was cuckold and we had to then explain to the friends parents. <br />
I am proud to be a cuckold because my wife gets fulfilled and that is the most important part. My oldest daughter hopes to have a cuckold husband and lovers as well.

I agree, Its your husband that cannot satisfy you, so its his obligation to explain to friends and family why he is so inadequate.

As long as everyone is happy, why not.

intriguing. what's the kids think or feel about it? has anyone asked them?

The kids are perfectly fine with our life and they kept it within the family. Her lovers are gentlemen and they treated our kids respectfully, one of the reason how thing going very well.