Cuckold Slave And Sissy Maid

Not long ago , I recounted my newfound relationship as a personal slave and sissy maid cuckold for my new Domme , Linda and her boyfriend , Scott. Since then , our relationship has developed beautifully , with my being ordered to provide maid service for both of them , going over to their homes in a wig , makeup and drag to do housework and serve them in front of their guests. It's fascinating to watch
their guests become comfortable having a slave at their disposal and ordering me around , making me do more and more humiliating things. Last Saturday night , I was over at Scott's place to serve he and Linda , as well as several other friends of theirs. I want to emphasize that although I am not gay , being made to serve men sexually in front of others is deliciously degrading for me and allows me to demonstrate my devotion to my Master and Mistress , proving to everyone that I will do exactly as I am told without hesitation.
As I usually do , I arrived an hour or so before their guests to do some cleaning and prepare drinks and snacks. On this night , I wore a frilly maid's apron , my blonde wig , clip on earrings and frilly panties. My toenails were painted bright red and I wore a thin gold ankle chain on one ankle. Two other couples , friends of Linda's , arrived around 8:00 , and one of Scott's friends , Frank , got there around 8:30.
My first assignment was to bring drinks for everyone. I wrote their drink orders down on a small note pad , just as a waitress in a restaurant would do. After bringing them their drinks , Linda told Tammy , one of her friends , that as her and Scott's personal sissy slave , I would do absolutely anything they commanded. "Anything ?" , Tammy said . "Oh , yeah , we've trained him really well" , Linda responded. "Since Frank doesn't have a date tonight , we can have Sissy suck Frank's **** , so he won't feel neglected" , Linda said.
"He'll actually suck his **** ?" "Right here in front of us ?" "If he wants to keep being our slave , he will ; if he doesn't want to , then he can leave right now and we'll just go back on Craigslist and find another sissy." Tammy exclaimed , "Oh my God - I've got to see this!"
"I think we should have Frank wear his *** out with the cane to get him in the right frame of mind first" , Linda said. "You even whip him ?" , Tammy asked. "Oh , sure ; you can give him a few strokes with the cane too , if you want." "Oh , yeah , This is gonna be fun " , Tammy said. I was ordered to take off my panties and kneel with my butt in the air. Tammy got into position behind me and measured her stroke with the three foot rattan cane. She raised the cane back behind her and swung it with all her strength , bringing it down across my buttocks with a loud , stinging smack. The pain was shocking ; I couldn't believe a woman could hit me that hard. Raising the cane a second time , Tammy laid another burning stroke on my bottom , giggling at the reaction it caused ; I gasped in pain and exhaled sharply.
"Make him wiggle his ***." , Linda said. ""Let me go get something to use on him , too , hold on a minute."
Linda went into the bedroom , returning a few moments later with a wooden dowel , the kind used to support plants and keep them upright.
It was about 3/4 of an inch in diameter and about three feet long. She and Scott have used it on me before and it really hurts. "Crawl like a dog and wiggle that *** , sissy" , Linda said. I did as I was told , crawling on my hands and knees and wagging my bottom like a dog. As I did so , the two women struck me repeatedly with gusto. After I reached one side of the room , I turned and began crawling back the other way , wiggling my butt from side to side while Linda and Tammy continued to beat me. Her remaining guests , watching from their seats , laughed and guffawed at the spectacle of a grown man , dressed in drag and wearing a wig , crawling on the floor wiggling his beaten butt. After a few more minutes , Tammy said , "Alright , I want to see him suck ****." "Let Frank give him a taste of the rod first - we want to make sure sissy knows what will happen to her if she doesn't do a good job" , Linda replied. I was ordered to bend over the ottoman and get my bottom , which was now quite red , in the air for them. Linda handed that infernal wooden dowel to Frank and I knew I was really in for it now. "Spare the rod and spoil the sissy!" , Linda said. "Be sure to really give it to him ; the harder you whip him , the better he'll suck your ****." Frank positioned himself to one side of me and proceeded to just unload on my backside with the rod. Taking his time , measuring each stroke and then swinging it home , he grunted with effort as he worked the rod up and down my butt . Within the first 30 seconds , he had me begging for mercy and squirming in pain as I tried to move my bottom away from the assault so the strokes would land on an area that wasn't as sore. None of it worked ; he was too strong and obviously had a mean streak - my cries of pain and begging for him to stop seemed to turn him on , and he redoubled his efforts to break me , to make me embarrass myself in front of everyone. Linda and Tammy giggled at my predicament. "Make him wiggle his *** ; crawl over here and wiggle that *** , sissy!" "Wiggle that *** for your master ; show us what a **** you are!" , Linda said. Beside myself with the pain of my burning butt , I crawled across the room once again , frantically wiggling my scalded bottom in an attempt to curry favor from my tormenters. Tammy was obviously enjoying the show , and wanted to see how far she could push me. "Lick your master's shoes , wimp ; shine those shoes with your tongue!" Crawling over to Frank , I dutifully licked his shoes , as I had been ordered to do. Sitting back down on the couch , he lifted each foot in turn so I could lick the soles. Tammy and Linda giggled uncontrollably at seeing me subjected to such extreme degradation. Finally , Tammy wanted me to suck Frank's ****. I got on my knees in front of him and unzipped his pants. Taking his **** out , I took his soft penis into my mouth and began to kiss the head and gently lick him up and down his shaft. He was clearly somewhat self conscious at being serviced by a sissy in front of an audience , and I knew that it would take some time to get him comfortable and relaxed so he would start to become aroused and climax in my mouth. After a few minutes , my oral efforts began to pay off and he became more and more stiff ; he started getting more confident and began to talk to me , saying things like , " Yeah , that's it , suck my **** , sissy" "Make me come , you little *****." Tammy was loving it ; she sat next to Frank on the couch and watched intently as I kissed , licked and sucked his circumsized penis , all the while calling me a ***** , ****** , etc. Eventually , he began to thrust in and out of my mouth rapidly , ******* my face in a steady rhythm. As he neared ****** , he moaned and called me a *****. Then it happened - his hard **** began spurting its thick cream into my mouth and down my throat. He was a big finisher ; stream after stream of his **** squirted from his throbbing prickhead as he coated my waiting tonsils with his warm come. When he withdrew from my mouth to shoot the last few ropes of ***** on my made up face , I was in a state of utter degradation as the girls giggled with glee at my shame.
When he finished climaxing and wiped his **** clean on my face and neck , Linda went back to the bedroom and returned carrying a chair constructed from tubular aluminum with a plastic back and seat. There was an aperture in the center of the seat and knobs on the sides that I learned were used to raise and lower the height of the seat. This was a ******* chair - it enables a person to sit above their slave's face so the slave can perform anilingus ; the adjustment knobs allow the recipient to position their ******* directly over the slave's mouth and get just the right angle for a thorough buttlicking session. She set the chair down in the middle of the room and pointed at me. "Get under there , sissy! Get your face in that hole!" "Who wants their *** licked ?" "We've got ourselves an asslicker here , all you have to do is sit down there and he'll stick his tongue up your ***." Tammy wanted to be first. "I might let you lick my ******* - if you're lucky!" But you're going to have to beg for it!" "Please let me lick your *******." , I pleaded. She pulled her jeans down and lowered her full bottom onto my face. I began by gently kissing her butt cheeks and slowly made my way inward toward her butthole. After a few minutes , I placed my lips against her anus and sucked on her sphincter. She moaned approvingly as I kissed and slurped her butthole while caressiing just the rim of her anus. I deliberately delayed the main event , which of course would be the actual penetration of her ******* with my tongue. Finally , she couldn't wait any longer and demanded I enter her butthole with my tongue. "Get that tongue in my butt - I want it all the way up there as far as you can get it." I didn't have to be told twice ; I slid my tongue into the hole and began to work it in and out , having intercourse with her butt by using my tongue. Before long , she was grinding down onto my face and moaning with excitement. She cried out in pleasure as I felt her sphincter squeeze my tongue when she climaxed. After she composed herself , her date , Mark , wanted to take a turn. He looked down at me through the center hole and asked me if I was ready to lick his *******. "Yes master" , I replied. He settled into the chair and adjusted its height to position his butthole snugly on my mouth. Unlike Tammy , he really wanted to put a lot of weight on my face , to get maximum pressure on his ***. The result was that almost immediately , I had difficulty getting my breath ; his large anus completely covered my lips , while my nose was buried deep between his heavy butt cheeks. He was a stocky guy , and his large , full butt was covering my entire face as he smothered me. He wriggled into position to get my face as far up his *** as he could , and fortunately , this caused his butt cheeks to spread apart slightly and I could just manage to breathe in through my nose while inhaling my supply of air from in between his buttocks. He started rocking back and forth , riding my face as if it were a hobby horse. As he did so , I tried to lick and kiss his anus in time with his movements. Each time he rocked forward , I would make my tongue as wide as I could ; then when he moved back toward my mouth , I would slide my tongue back in and move it from side to side , massaging his rectum with my taste buds each time. After a few minutes , I was totally in tune with him , immersing myself in his pleasure , reveling in the knowledge that I was making passionate love to this guy's butthole. As ridiculous as it may sound , I was very proud of my skill as his personal buttlicker. In the back of my mind , I knew he was almost certainly experiencing some of the most exquisitely pleasurable sensations he'd ever felt , and it was all as a result of my talented , hard working tongue. As he neared ****** , I reached up and grabbed his thighs , pulling him down harder against my face. I fastened my lips tightly against his butthole and sucked on it vigorously. I moved my tongue in circles around and around as he started coming ; his butthole clenched and spasmed on my tongue with every contraction of his twitching penis. The shame I was feeling at having my entire face being used as a ***** for his butt was offset by the fact that I was very , very good at what I did. Each of the remaining guests , Linda , Scott , Frank and the other couple , Lisa and Dave , all used my face , lips and tongue to pleasure their ******** in turn. Frank took a long time to come , since I'd already sucked him off , while Lisa and Scott both climaxed relatively quickly. Lisa's date , Dave was the kinkiest. He wanted to start out by having another butt wiggling and whipping session like the two I'd already had with Tammy , Linda and Frank , except he was much more sadistic and thorough. With Lisa and Tammy cheering him on , the three of them made me wiggle and wag my welted bottom as I crawled back and forth for their amusement. Dave got on one side , wielding his thick leather belt while Lisa and Tammy stationed themselves at the other corners of the room , Lisa with the cane , Tammy with the rod. I was made to crawl on my hands and knees in a circle with my bare butt high in the air so they could beat me. "Let's see you wag your tail like a good little doggie" , Tammy chortled. "Keep that *** wiggling and don't you dare stop!" " Wiggle your sissy ***!" Wanting to please them , I obediently shook my bottom as the three of them went about their business of flogging me silly. Dave was cruelly effective with the the heavy leather belt , and he was able to put numerous really deep welts on my exposed bare bottom. He hit me so hard a couple of times that the impact literally knocked me over. Tammy , who by now had gotten enough practice to have perfected her swing , laid some very well placed strokes across my stinging butt and Lisa contributed several hard smacks to my upturned backside as I dutifully continued to wiggle my poor bottom. They methodically tanned my hide with enthusiasm , each trying to outdo the other two and see who could completely break me. As one might expect , I was soon crying and whimpering in severe pain , begging them for mercy. I crawled to Dave's feet and frantically licked the tops of his shoes in utter supplication. The girls giggled gleefully at this display of desperation and admonished me to keep wiggling my butt. Not wanting to make them angry , I quickly obeyed , once again wiggling and wagging my bottom to satisfy their kinky desires. I kept my head down at Dave's feet , continuing to lick his shoes in an attempt to earn a break from his terrible punishment , although this gave Tammy and Lisa the opportunity to tee off on my upturned butt. They made the most of it ; they each laid four or five burning slashing strokes across my well beaten bottom. During a severe , extended butt whipping like this ,there is a moment when the slave being beaten loses his last shred of dignity and can no longer control the need to do anything he possibly can to get away from the repeated blows raining down. Under the rapid fire attack of the two women , I was now at that point , and abandoned my place licking Dave's shoes and crawled frantically away from him , wanting only to buy a few precious seconds to let the pain of my burning *** subside. Seeing this , Tammy and Lisa moved in quickly behind me as I reached the wall next to the fireplace. Having cornered me , they lit into me with renewed vigor and I shrieked and cried out in panic at the severity of the flogging. The women really wanted to put on a show and landed their swats in a fast , alternating rhythm. Linda , Scott and Frank clapped and cheered as I was reduced to a crying , sniveling toddler , wanting only for the punishment to stop. Now Dave was ready to have his butt serviced , and he ordered me to take my place under the throne. I got into position with my face directly beneath the center hole , and he dropped his pants and underwear , then sat down and made the necessary modifications to the height and angle of the seat to get into the right posture for some quality lovemaking  between his butt and my face. After getting his anus right on my mouth , he shifted his weight to get optimum contact with my waiting lips. I was so relieved at not being beaten any more that I gratefully and enthusiastically kissed , licked and sucked on his butthole as he moved back and forth against my tongue. He farted audibly several times , drawing giggles and laughter from the women , and each time he farted , I plunged my tongue as far up his ******* as I could to lick him clean. I felt his muscular buttocks tighten on my face and he too , climaxed against my mouth , I licked sucked and french kissed his spasming butthole as the lips of his anus passionately kissed me back. Completely shamed , used and humiliated as I was , it was the hottest experience of my entire life.
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