Cuckolding 101

The word cuckold means “the husband of an unfaithful wife”. Broader implications in “our” world mean something different and so much more. Unfaithful? Yes. But that seems to imply cheating behind his back. While this does occur, I can not condone it. I believe that what makes cuckolding special is the very fact that the husband does know, does approve (or not) and often is either willing or ordered to assist his wife in her dating other men. While she is not faithful to him in the biblical sense, she is in that he is fully aware of it and either approves or tolerates it, or he would obviously divorce her and go on his way. Within the cuckold world you have those that range in activity from the very rare dalliance with no husband participation, to those where the husband helps to arrange the frequent dates, helps her prepare for her date and assists in every aspect before, during and after. I would fall somewhere in between. First off no one can avoid the unpleasant but very important topic of STDs. Everyone must go to great lengths to protect themselves and their partners. I have found the best way is to take one very carefully screened lover at a time. A guy who is intelligent enough to be able to recognize the pros of being in a relationship where his only responsibility is to make love to another mans wife. No child support, no spouse support, no nagging wife, no screaming kids, no pressure to get married. He comes, he ****, he goes. For many men this is the ultimate arrangement for them and the wise ones take great care to maintain it.

It’s no great secret that the male species likes to have sex. The man that provides this, commonly known as the “bull” as in a reproducing stud, has a simple job. To have sex with the wife. The cuckolded husband, commonly known as a “wimp” has an enormous job before him. He may be responsible for setting dates, helping his wife bathe, dress and prepare for her date. He may be required to serve food or drinks to the couple. He may be required to watch them having sex, he may be required to participate. For many cuckold couples the defining moment may be after the bull has ********** inside the wife. The common term for this is a “********”. It is a signal of power for the bull, he has just come inside another mans wife. It is a great sign of humiliation for the husband, another man just had sex with his wife and the evidence is leaking out of her. It is a pleasurable moment for the wife, she has just been royally and properly ****** and in front of her husband. Quite often at this point the husband is either ordered, or expected to eat his wife’s ********. For her, the oral stimulation’s of her post coital activities can be very pleasing and may allow her to achieve additional *******. For the husband the truth of the moment, the overwhelming blatant reality of having to lick and suck another mans come out of his freshly ****** wife can be both repulsive and humiliating and extremely erotic at the same time. Many submissive husbands view this as the ultimate in proving submission and devotion to his wife. It also is perhaps the single most horrific thing a straight heterosexual man can be ordered to do. A very odd love/hate dynamic can develop within the husbands mind. He is degraded and disgusted with what he does for his wife, and strangely aroused by it and eagerly awaits the next time he is ordered or allowed to repeat the performance.

One aspect of cuckolding that seems to have been blown out of proportion on the Internet is the issue of penis size. According to the common opinions, all bulls have a huge 12 inch penis, and all wimps have a thin 4 inch penis. I can say this is very far from true. Some would want to go into the “mean” versus the average, and take into account millions of other pieces of information, genetics, body mass index, level of arousal, age etc, but in my mind the question has been answered. In truth, none of this matters as the average cuckolding wife wants something considerably larger than the average. And by “larger” I don’t mean just penis size, but technique and skill. At the same time, not all wimps have 4 inches, nor do all bulls have 10. In some cases the wimp might actually have a penis of equal or even greater proportion than that of the bull. The basic instinct of a person determines more what role they would prefer to play or are destined to be in than penis size alone. Having erectile dis-function, being a premature ejaculator, having bad technique, or just being of an overwhelming submissive nature could compel a man to be in the wimp role. The opposite, a very dominant guy with great confidence and stamina could fulfill the role of bull with just an average size penis. The mental and emotional aspects of this outweigh the physical attributes but most people tend to focus on the physical alone as being the reason.

Good luck and happy cuckolding!
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Another sign of an obedient cuckold is one who helps to prepare the bull by fondling and fellating him, preparing him to rut. Even better, he will align their genitals for them as they couple.

Forcarol, I can easily understand that you would not necessarily want to be watched in order fully enjoy the experience. As my wife and I get closer to doing this, she seems to be the same way. It would be very thrilling, I think, to wait in the next room or at home while my pretty wife was being wonderfully serviced by another man of her choosing. The 'cuckold angst' would be even more intense, I would think, which would heighten the experience in some important ways.

I do try Mark996805 - I really do try!! ha ha

Hi,<br />
You described the feeling very well, for us guys who like our wives / gfs to cuckold us we expect the bull to be better, in my experience this is rare, mainly black guys have the style and method, most white guys get excited too quickly.<br />
<br />
The more our wives enjoy the happier we are but only last weekend when we met another couple he was all over my wife and they were kissing, touching passionately but he could not maintain an erection!<br />
<br />
So Bulls you have a job to do - do it well for both of us.

I am also the type that joins in and has some fun with it! Like the guy said before, there is nothing like being at the foot of the bed and watching your wife getting ****** by another man!

Very well written and is exactly the relationship that I'm hoping for with my wife. We are getting closer this weekend maybe the tipping point.

well now my wife (1st) i had to put pressure on her to have sex with other guys, I loved to watch and participate; and she resisted and i insisted on the cream-pie. It relaxed her and by the time I had sucked and licked her she was so turned on i would have to **** her again. Many of her lovers ate my cream and i felt a little jealous.

Very very good desc<x>ription, Thanks for sharing! Sign me up!!

I just love seeing another guys **** deep in her *****. When she's on top, I love watching from the foot of the bed to see her slide up and down on the other guys ****.

Well said. As a long time Bull I have to agree with what you say. It haS been my experience that the physical aspect as you have stated is not really an issue. This lifestyle is a special relationship. The secret to this working is the trust. And that trust is earned through communication and understanding. A true Bull understands that the physical aspect of having another mans wife as his lover is. Good but. The relationship is more than just sex. The sex is a byproduct of the relationship.. That is why I only have LTR's with my couples and only have one relationship at a time. The. Husband and wife are giving me a precious gift and in return I give them Me and promise to be with only them. As they promise me the same. Without that trust. And the communication that builds that trust any relationship is doomed to fail. The sexual aspect I bring to the relaitonship Is stamina, staying power and technique. The wifes pleasure comes first. I will not ****** until she has had multiple *******. And Her pleasure give me pleasure. This are just MHO.

Well said.........