How Can This Be Our Life?

I really want to get your advice if you're willing to give it. I started having sex when i was 12 and have since then had numerous sexual partners and experiences and now i'm 21 and any kind of sex with women in different ways and places are rather boring bc i have probably done it and now the only way i get really horny and turned on is by the idea of getting cuckolded and reading all of these stories here and fantasizing they were my life. My fiancee is very interested in this as well and she lost her virginity to me and has tried having sex with a black man though he was rather disappointing as i am fairly large and he was much smaller and less muscular but she wants to have many sexual partners and experiences but isn't very confident or comfortable and she really wants to be. and so i was hoping you could help me with any advice on how and what we can do to get this to happen and happen in the right way?
kmill5bill kmill5bill
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

The best way is to give her total permission to flirt with any guy she finds attractive. Most guys jump at the chance to **** a woman, and if they know she has a husband or boyfriend, it makes it even better for lots of guys. My wife works it that way. She tells them I know and she has permission to **** others.They are usually surprised but that doesn't stop them. Some of them are even cool with coming over and letting me watch them ****. Now, a few are put off by me knowing since they like to sneak around. So, some of them she hasn't told and just lets them think she is cheating. Those are usually just one time things though. My wife has actually had a few who became boyfriends who she would **** many times. I loved it, it's the most erotic feeling in the world to know your wife is out with another man and will be getting ****** at some point in the evening while you wait at home, getting horny. Good luck in your quest. I'll inbox a site to you that will give you all kinds of great info from real cucks and their stories, also stories written by their wives.