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Cucking Husband

I ask now. As someone who is working more and more on cuckolding my husband, is it too far fetched or too big of a fantasy to hope I can get to the point where I can bring men home to sleep with in our marriage bed and expect hubby to either crash on the couch or spare bed?
officegirl32 officegirl32 46-50, F 23 Responses Dec 30, 2012

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I don't see why that is a far fetched idea...happens all the time.

It's not a matter of expecting with the hubby, it's a matter of telling him you are bringing your lover home to your bed and he needs to sleep elsewhere.

I would appreciate it very much if my wife did that, maybe a big doggy bed at the foot of their bed.

you should try what my wife did, and dropping her *** stained panties in the laundry....if your man does any of it. : D

I think he wants this, or at least he doesn't seem to be fighting me. Next weekend will be the big test i'm trying to decide if I should just make him sleep in the spare room. Things are going nicely without a fight. We went dancing this weekend and my lover and I sat on one side of the booth and hubby on the other. I introduced him to my hubby as a close friend:) Hubby didn't say anything as I danced with my boy friend and stole kisses from each other on the floor and in the booth,

If I were your husband, I would have a raging hardon at the sight of you two kissing right in front of me.

Hi, so did things work out your way? Curious to know..

Does your hubby want this? It is also best that the two of you want the same thing -saves heart ache later on

no, not at all. depends on your hubby though.

Bring him into the process and you may find more enthusiasm that expected. Make him think it was his idea. Let him hear/see you make love to your lover. Have them crawl into your bed in the middle of the night and make love to you. Push hubby out in the mornings so you can have the bed to yourselves...after you kiss hubby good morning and tell him you love him. Give him that naughty grin and wink when he realizes what happened. Remember to reassure him of your love for him. Heirs getting the best **** show he will ever with his own wife and love.

I wish I could've watched my x

Lots of us who would love that. I'm one of those who would want to fluff the bull, guide his **** into her, have either of them then tell me to get out of the way. I'd also love to be under her licking her **** as he ***** her and then let the *** from her *** or ***** run into my mouth

Of course, I'd want to clean them both. It would also be hot to have to sleep on the wet spot.

Not at all - I would LOVE my wife to bring home other men to **** whilst am in another room. A little persuasion for your hubby, some roleplay and he will soon LOVE the idea of you ******* other men.

Hi Officegirl32, I would love to be married to a woman like you and would gladly cede my marriage bed to your superior black lovers - including on our wedding night. :-) Keep working on your hubby, you will eventually get him there (if he truly loves you and wants you to have your needs met with the best).

thank you all

He will either hate it or love it so much he'll beg You to make him watch. ;) good luck!

I think its reasonable ! you are in charge . make him obey you !

officegirl32, it is super important that you know if your husband desires a cuckold relationship or whether a hot wife type of situation is more to his liking. Cuckolding has many flavors but generally it involves some type of domination and humiliation aspect. If he is not into the humiliation you should probably go the hot wife route and start dating and then sharing the details with him as soon as you feel he is ready to enjoy them. Trying to force the cuckold lifestyle on him is a huge gamble and if he does not accept it your marriage will end. I suggest you try talking about your sexual desires and needs while he is aroused and see how he reacts. My ex-wife did this with me and it worked out because I was turned on by the idea of her having sex with other men and then sharing her body with me when she got home. Very sexy and what a turn on! I wanted my ex to enjoy her sex life and did not feel threatened by her dating. She always came home to me, which was important. She also made a point of calling me to ask if it was OK for her to go out after work. This was my signal that sloppy seconds were coming. Her sex life was "our" sex life and we both enjoyed it.
I wish you and your lucky husband the best of luck.

And yes he is coming around, we must remember Rome wasn't built in a day:) He is accepting more and more feminization without complaint, as he should, as you all should.

"But what you seek is something that both you and your husband should want as a couple,"

I think he does. He wants me happy in and out of bed.

"But I think she liked the training of me with out my knowledge of what was really happening" I think that is the best way at least to start out as I have done also. By the time he realizes it he has completely lost control.

Officegirl32, What your seeking is not to far fetch. I actually have a few friends that are in open (friends and family are aware) cuckoldry marriages. Even though most can't understand why, these couples have secure and happy marriages. As they say "happy wife happy life". But what you seek is something that both you and your husband should want as a couple, that is the only way i see cuckoldry marriages working, from a guy looking in.

no not at all..

It's possible depends how sub he is it how much he likes being cucked lol

No, not at all. He should what ever or his Master says and he should clean your ***** afterwards. You know you have got it right when yu watch him sucking your lover's ****

In fact if he is going to be a proper Cuck.. he should sit there, waiting to clean the two of you after you had sex, then obey all commands, and sleep on the floor. Unless of course you want privacy afterward.. then the couch is fine. He should then arise 30 minutes before the two of you in the morning.. make coffee, and breakfast... offer any service you may need, then prepare your shower and clothes for the day.

Why give him a room.. he can sit in the corner and watch, then sleep on the floor.