Father Cuckolded

I have always dreamed of my wife ******* someone else but what happened last week was more than I could have imagined. My wife Teresa is 42 but has kept herself in very good shape. She is 5’6 120lbs and is 36C and shaves her ***** bald. We have a great sex life and she even let me share her once. But she said she would rather not do it again.
She and my father haven’t spoken in 20 years because he is a hard headed jerk. 2 years ago his 3rd wife died (not my mom). Teresa and I went to the funeral (3 hours away) and Tom (my Dad) seemed to want to re-establish his relationship with her. They started writing back and forth, she sent birthday and Christmas cards and he did the same. They call each other and chat about events of the week. A week ago he called and told her he was in the hospital and wanted to know if she could come up and spend some time nursing him back to health. He’s 73 but looks older. Teresa went and after 4 days I was getting lonesome and horny so I jumped into my jeep and made a quick trip north. I finally got there at 9pm and saw lights on in one of the bedrooms. I figured it was the one Teresa was staying in so I figured I would crawl through the window and surprise her without bothering my Dad .As I got to the window I saw the blinds were open enough to see inside and was stunned beyond words. I was frozen where I stood. There in the bedroom was my wife and my father My father in an intimate embrace. My father slid a hand up her skirt and started stroking her most private place. She moaned, grinding against his hand before he pushed her down on the bed, My father now on top of her.
His lips moved from her for the moment and she felt them attack her neck and shoulders. Oh my God Daddy,” she gasped, his hand now moving to her breasts, causing her nipples to harden. He kissed her again and she wrapped a leg around him, feeling his hardness press into her through his jeans. Teresa's heart was racing and she felt herself getting damp, she needed this, she had wanted it for so long no matter how wrong it was. “Daddy,” she gasped in the split second their lips parted again, 'I want you inside me”
Teresa’s hands glided up his sides and in one tactful movement his shirt was removed, exposing his muscular chest. My father responded by removing Teresa’s purple blouse. My father slid his hands over her skin and around her back, and she lifted herself to help as he removed her bra, exposing her beautiful breasts and hard nipples. My father’s lips started attacking her breasts as her hands explored his muscles. “Oh Daddy” she said as her eyes suddenly closed in pleasure. He attacked her left breast with his mouth, sucking and licking while his hands explored her smooth perfect skin. She started to squirm under him, lost in the feel of his lips on her as they moved to her right breasts, biting a little and driving her to new heights of excitement. My father slowly kissed his way down to Teresa’s panties. My father took hold of her panties and slowly pulled them off as Teresa lifted her *** of the bed. He purposely went slowly to draw out the experience. A moment later Teresa opened her legs exposing her beautiful clean shaven *****. My father gently moved his fingers over her ***** and stroked her up and down. It didn't take long before he pushed in further sticking one of his fingers inside her ****.
"Mmmm that feels so good," Teresa moaned.
“Teresa baby your ***** is terrific do my son kiss you,” My father exclaimed. Her **** was already wet. He pushed his finger in and out several times.
"It feels so nice and tight," I heard My father comment under his breath.
My father got on his knees and lowered his head between her legs. She moaned even louder with My father’s mouth on her *****. My father licked up and down her slit.Teresa continued to moan as my Dad worked her ***** over.
My father opened his mouth up wider and tried to push his tongue in deeper. She seemed to push back against him at the same time, as though she wanted to accept it.
"Oh God Daddy, I can't stand it," She cried out some more, while she opened her legs wider, and My father drove his tongue in even deeper. He tasted the warm, succulent juices of her ****. My father continued to eat Teresa's ***** for a while.
"Oh Daddy " Teresa cried out in heat, as he push his tongue in and out of her narrow slit.
"Daddy, **** me," Teresa cried out. "Daddy, please **** me!" Teresa moaned. "I want you inside me.” You are my father in law and I want kid from you, a brother for my husband. Panting, her heart racing, she started desperately tugging at his pants, trying to undo his belt and access his ****. He slid out of his jeans and boxers, leaving himself completely exposed to her.
My dad’s **** had thick veins like tiny rivers running its nine inch length. Teresa's hand grabbed his ****, stroking it as he kissed her. When My father moved between her smooth legs and placed his **** at the entrance of her hot wet *****. I saw Teresa shudder in excitement. My father kissed his daughter, as she was giving herself to him completely and allowing it to happen as his **** slowly parted her **** lips.
My father had a devilish grin on his face as he pushed the entire length of his shaft into her. From the window I could see she was very wet allowing his penetration with ease, and she let out a moan as he took her. Teresa wrapped her legs around him and hooked her feet over his legs. My father began thrusting in and out of her ***** while kissing her mouth letting her taste herself. Teresa pushing her hips up slightly to meet his thrusts as he moved inside of her.
Teresa was enjoying my father’s monster ****. I could see it in her face.
My father's lips attacked her neck and it wasn't long before he moved onto more tasty delights… her nipples.
Teresa’s hands moved over his back and sides. My father’s swelling balls pressed against Teresa's *** with every deep thrust. Teresa couldn't help but moan a long drawn out sound. My father started to quicken his pace.
Her body gave in and I could see the telltale signs that Teresa had started to ***. My father's breathing became more intense, he stopped pumping for a moment.
“Please don’t stop,” she gasped, her words little more than segmented syllables between breaths.
My father continued kissing her with more intensity. She reciprocated and they were all over each other, his hips moving again and her ***** yearned for every inch of his ****. Her hands moved over him, her legs caressed his skin, her hips desperately pushed up towards him and her breathing was labored. They were no longer father and daughter they were lovers.
Teresa’s wetness after her ****** was now creating a noticeable wet patch on the sheet, not to mention My father’s **** and sack were drenched in her juices, and she reached between his legs to massage his balls as she kissed him, her tongue exploring his mouth. My father's pace started to quicken and his grunting was driving her wild.
My father stopped and looked like he was trying to make it last. Teresa pushed him on his back and started giving my father the ******* of a lifetime. She was sucking his **** and deep throating him while he squeezed her firm ****. The shock was immense and suddenly I realized my **** was blue steel. Just then I saw those changing positions, my father pulled her up and pulled her to the edge of the bed so he could stand on the floor and **** my wife.
He slammed into her in one stroke and started pumping like he was racing for the finish line. She kept screaming, “**** me Daddy, **** me harder Daddy”. He held her ankles up and pounded her like a drum. Here was my father in law ******* my wife and she loved it.
For 15 minutes I watched as he used her like a **** toy and suddenly my father stopped and held his **** deep in her *****. He was ******* deep inside her. I watch as he filled womb of my wife.He held her hips to try and stay inside her as long as he could then he slipped out and pulled Teresa up in a sitting position and caressed her face for several minutes. His **** was still hard and Teresa seemed to know what came next. She leaned down and cleaned up his **** and balls with her mouth while he rubbed her back. When she was done she stood up and they hugged for a long time ending with a deep lovers kiss. My father patted her butt and said, “I love you baby girl” then made his way to the bedroom door and left.
Teresa lay back on her bed and was basking in the glow of the **** session she had just finished. She was drifting off the sleep so I quietly raised the window and crawled in. Once in the room I dropped my clothes and climbed into bed and spooned with her. She must have thought it was my Dad because she snuggled and wiggled backwards into me. I put my hand over her mouth and she looked over to see me. Her scream was muffled but her tears started falling like a thunderstorm. Still holding her mouth I whispered that I had seen everything and that before she tries to explain anything I wanted my turn inside her. I folded her like a dollar bill and put her legs over my shoulders and started ******* her as hard as I could. I guess I was trying to punish her for cheating but at the same time I was having the time of my life as I was ******* my Mom as my father has filled her womb. I added a respectable load to My father’s and then rolled off her. She leaned over to say something and I cut her off and pushed her head down to my soft **** for her to lick it clean. I was laying there with her licking my balls trying to think of what do I do now…

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Jan 19, 2013