I'm a Cuddler... I love cuddling after amazing sex! It's something so calm after something so rough.. To be able to just snuggle close and fall asleep, it's a comforting feeling that a lot of people take for granted. Don't get me wrong, quickies are great and all but like I said, I'm a cuddler. :)
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we always cuddle and stroke each others body's some times after we have had a rest we do it all again

Very relaxing and intimate ! love to wake up with my lady in my arms after making love. then its time for morning sex ! who needs coffee! what a way to start your day !

when u make love you are ther to give pleasure , you look in to eyes of your partner and enjoyyy seeing her enjoy and after sex when you cuddle, you are showing your love and gratitude to your lover, who has scled peaks of love with you