A Cure For A Hen Who Spent The Night In A Bush ...

I spent a while this evening cuddling a hen.

Let me explain.  My best girlfriend recently began to keep hens and one of them managed to stay outside the chicken coop last night by accident.  This morning she found the hen stuck fast in a bush beside her house.  It wasn't moving and it appeared to be dead.  

Anyhow my friend didn't have time to dislodge the dead hen from the bush and went to work as usual.  This evening I went home with her to help her to do the grizzly deed. My friend is pretty squeamish and she was upset about her favourite hen (who was also the best egg layer) having come to such a sad end. 

When we arrived back at her house the "dead" hen had managed to dislodge itself from the bush and was sitting in the middle of the lawn outside the chicken coop.  The hen was very damp and cold and appeared very traumatized.  How she hadn't managed to get eaten by a local predator remains a mystery - we have mink, stoats and foxes in the area, not to mention domestic dogs and cats.

This is where my cuddling skills come in.

I picked up the hen in a warm towel and took it into the house.  I put it on the kitchen table on some newspaper and checked it over for any obvious injury and could find none.  

The poor thing was very cold and very still and just stood on the newspaper looking very forlorn.

I wrapped the towel around it again and took it on my lap and sat and cuddled it for about 30 minutes.  It seemed quite content and was certainly a lot warmer at the end of our hug.  I put it back on the table again and she ruffled her feathers a little and blinked and she stood and looked at me for a while.  

We seemed to have reached an unspoken understanding.

I took her back to the chicken coop and put her in the nesting box in the clean straw with her three sisters, together with a bottle of warm water as an extra heater.

Anyway, we'll see how she gets on.  I'll post an update for all you fellow chicken lovers out there who might want to know how she is tomorrow.  

Watch this space for the next exciting instalment.


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That is such a nice story...all she needed was a little love!!

mmm i love me some roasted chicken!!!

I remember my chickens at the ranch... oh how i miss their soft and warm feathers... *sigh*

What a cute story! Thanks for sharing it.

Great story...made me grin ear to ear! :)

aaaawwww.<br />
my twin sister had a pet chicken she would carry the chicken all over the place.<br />
i thought it was cool . the she caught chicken lice from her pet. to this day she loves chickens<br />
i do too . loved the story thanks for posting it . my sister wasnt the only one that loved her pet ..

Andrew, I simply can't get myself into a proper vegetarian space --all that talk about a lovely chicken soup--- cuddling chickens makes me think of the way Lions sometime get all affectionate with their prey---just before they eat them.

Thanks Andrew - quite an insight into your intimate knowledge of chickens!!

I won't gryfnn ... good advice.

My daughter worked for a wildlife rescue station for a while. I would help out there after work some times. They had rescued a half grown chicken---but as it was not a wild animal--they couldn't return it to the wild. It became a kind of pet. I was cuddling it - as it was very affectionate. The professionals at the station warned me---"Do not get that chicken to close to your face. Birds go for shiny ob<x>jects and he will go for your eyes." I paid no attention...the chicken pecked me in my eye.<br />
I was not seriously injured...but it was better luck than management...I'll pass the warning on to you.<br />
Do not let that chicken get close to your face.

still animals get treated better than people

Well I've not tried long distance cuddling with children - I'm guessing it might work though!!

My magic works on many kinds of warm blooded creatures mosaicman - even children!!

thanks aries ... poor thing ... glad to hear she was ok.

Thank you tB ... you see? no euphemisms ... just chicken cuddling in its purest form!

Ahmen to that WiB!

Well, some might tulick - but I treat human beings pretty well too, or at least I like to think so.

it proves what i've said for sometime we treat amimal better than people

thanks dedre - I'll be calling in to see the hen this evening - apparently she survived the night!!

Awww adorable story :)

I like to think so polly - warm blooded creatures usually respond well if they're not afraid.

thanks roj, andrew, spring and lilly - I don't think the hen would have appreciated the kind of warming you have in mind Andrew - but I bet she would have been delicious!!

Lovely story, WiB. Hypothermic chickens everywhere can have hope that they might also survive with a bit of loving and warmth ;-)

Thanks suan and stormaewish - you can't know what an animal is thinking but most creatures will respond to a bit of TLC, at least you can try.

A very nice story. It's nice that you took the time to provide comfort for this unfortunate hen. <br />
Looking forward to reading the update. We can't know what an animal is really thinking but I think they know when someone has helped them through a crisis. You did good thing.

haha - it was very cute michelle - I think I enjoyed it as much as she did!!

Good point guzzlegob, very likely (love your name by the way!!)

sounds exciting dubkebab ... can't wait!!

You're a star :-)<br />
<br />
At my daughter's school they have chickens that run free and at night time they sleep up a tree. It's a comical sight if nothing else to see them get up there via a bush and a greenhouse fr<x>amework but we think they do it for to stay warmer as the tree they sleep in is covered in ivy. Maybe your friends chicken tried to find some warm when she got herself stuck?

this is heartwarming indeed.<br />
I'll tell my Helga the chicken story when I get a chance...

now now Wilmaa ... she lives to lay another day hopefully!!<br />
<br />
On the way to my friends house this evening we really thought the hen would be dead and I was teasing her about how she would have a ready frozen chicken to go into her freezer - it had been minus 3.5 centigrade during the night!!! How this hen survived is beyond us - it was quite still when she found it this morning!