The Hens Are Coming Soon ...

Yes, my long awaited hens are on the way ...

Since I moved into my country house two years ago, I have been planning to get hens.  We have a little wooden house in the garden which used to belong to our guinea pigs who have sadly died (one through illness and one had a tangle with a fox).  Anyhow, now the house is vacant and it can easily be adapted for hens.

So, this week we are going to get four Isa Browns from a local market.  Can't wait to get the girls in the house and eventually collect eggs!  We will start with two or three and will eventually get at least four altogether.  I have their names chosen already - Gladys, Mabel, Florrie and Rose.  This is my mother's name and her three sisters - all of whom have passed away now.   But their names will now be legendary - clucking around my garden and producing eggs for us. 

There will be a lot of chicken cuddling going on of course.  My daughter has already warned me about not bringing the chickens into the house for a warm by the stove ... she knows me well and that I'll have them indoors now and again when the weather is cold.  In fact this is one of the reasons that my husband draws the line about me having a donkey - which is something else I'd love to have - because my family know I'd have it clip clopping into the kitchen to warm itself occasionally!  

Maybe this country life is going to my head ... making me a little crazy!  I'd also love to keep bees .... but best not bring up that subject with my husband just yet!

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thanks gryfnn and tgilly. Yes, gryfnn I could see myself doing the same thing and my daughter warning me about not turning into a crazy old lady ... and I will remember about not having them too near my face. I'm very excited about my girls arriving tgilly ... I think we will get two to start with actually then follow on with another two when we have more space.

Lovely story, i have 3 girls and i often have a cup of coffee with them. Enjoy them. If they all arrive together they should all get along. They can get a little scrappy when there's a new girl moving i.

Lovely story, i have 3 girls and i often have a cup of coffee with them. Enjoy them.

I used to bring my goats in for a warm by the wood stove.. and I'd take them for rides in the car. They never once made a mess. My daughter asked me to stop riding around with a goat hanging out the window of my car. She was concerned about what people would think...I'm reminding you.<br />
DO NOT CUDDLE CHICKENS CLOSE TO YOUR FACE...They will peck at your eyes... shiny ob<x>jects.

thanks mizz and andrew. The donkey idea is still a bit of a difficult one to get past my husband right now ... but watch this space!! I don't plan to eat our chickens ... but where needs must, I wouldn't rule it out!!

Ahhhh, this is lovely. It takes me back to when our family kept chickens. They all had their own distinct personality and, yes, they did occasionally venture into the house:)<br />
<br />
How cool would it be to have a donkey :) (there's a few ***** on EP, but that's another story, lol)<br />
<br />
Mizz x

Ohhhhhhh- In Australia you would get plenty of weird looks HAHAHAHAHA<br />
I thought it was genius, but we ain't getting a goat HEHEHEHEHEHE

Not so much around here Reece - donkeys are not uncommon in the West of Ireland - doubt anyone would pay to come and see it!! Nice idea though! A goat to mow the lawn is a great idea ... you'd have to keep it tied up though or it will eat EVERYTHING ... and they love to climb on top of things too ... roofs ... cars ... you name it and it will destroy a car by headbutting its own reflection if it's left alone with a shiny car for long ... so be careful!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA thats cute =) I wanna get a goat so I don't have to mow the lawn but my house-mate says its a stupid idea (though she doesn't have to mow the lawn HAHAHAHA)<br />
Why don't you open up a small zoo? That donkey could make you plenty of money HEHEHEHE

Thanks Reece - I don't think I'll be allowed a donkey though ... but perhaps I can persuade my husband somehow - and as for bees ... well, I can't see that happening ... but you never know!

A donkey??????? That would be a sight to see in the morning